StyleBlazer Beauty: Hair Rules’ New Lift Volumizing Dry Shampoo is a Must-Have! (Smells SOOO Delicious)

  • shailyn_98

    depending on the price

    • Danidjj

      Try the waterless shampoo at

      Just cleans and conditions. I’m not into volume. I’m not from Texas!

  • not impressed

    No. Read the fine print. Not recommended for curly or kinky textures.

    • Romonalee

      Curly and kinky textures do not need volume. Nor do those textures need to deplete their hair of oils. Nor do those textures need to stay away from water.. Curly and kinky textures are dry and need water condition oils etc to stay vibrant bouncy healthy and beautiful. Just because it was not made for you doesn’t mean it’s not fabulous

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