I Walked Rick Owens' Runway And Survived

SB Exclusive: I Walked Rick Owens’ #PFW Runway And Survived

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 - Rick Owens - Catwalk Photo: SIPA/WENN

As told to StyleBlazer by Wilhelmina model Emilie Evander

This was my second show as I walked for Rick Owens Fall 2015. What I love about the Rick Owens show is that it is unpredictable and very creative. I wasn’t exactly sure what was going to happen, only bits and pieces of the idea when I was at the casting because of the pictures on the image board. I really got to see and understand the concept at my fitting.

My true thought was I sure hope I am not carrying anyone as I would hate to drop them! They were trained professionals who rehearsed prior to us arriving for hair and makeup. Also, we were able to rehearse all together prior to the show. I didn’t get to talk to them as we were all focused on preparing and getting ready for the show. [Before the show] the atmosphere was very calm, focused, helpful and relaxed.

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 - Rick Owens - Catwalk Photo: SIPA/WENN

The audience seemed very impressed and moved by the show. I know some models, including myself, felt empowered by the show.

The way I saw it was it displayed the strength of women and what we are able to handle.

I truly try not to pay attention to the reaction of social media unless it brings positivity.  All I know is how I felt while in the show and after the show. It was such an amazing experience that will forever stay with me. It’s always great to work with the amazing designer Rick Owens and his team.