40's The New 20: 15 Celebs In Their 40s Who Are All Kinds Of Fierce!

40’s The New 20: 15 Celebs In Their 40s Who Are All Kinds Of Fierce!

In an age where botox and plastic surgery is a Hollywood norm, it seems like timeless beauties are rare finds. Some celebrities have aged so gracefully, that we’re both in awe of their beauty, and wonder, what’s their secret to maintaining their youth? Celebrities like Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez just seem to be ageless, and are among the sexiest women alive, often looking even better than their twentysomething counterparts. And some stunners in their ’50s, like Sade and Angela Bassett, just seem to get more gorgeous with age.

Take a look at some celebrities who clearly show us that 40 is the new 20.

Halle Berry

From Boomerang breakout star to Bond girl, Halle’s beauty remains unparalleled.

Stacey Dash

The former Single Lady looks just like she just stepped off the set of Clueless


Janet Jackson

It’s hard to remember a day when Janet wasn’t in the spotlight. She’s been in the game for four decades.

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo’s body is banging and she wants the world to know it!

Sofia Vergara

Sofia is almost a member of the club. She turns 40 in July.

Mariah Carey

At 42, Mariah remains on fire.

Nia Long

Nia owned the red carpet as a glowing mommy-to-be.

Salma Hayek

The actress, producer, director and pioneer is pretty in pink.

Jennifer Aniston

 Amazing body, amazing skin… Jennifer’s still got it.

Viola Davis

Viola is an Academy darling and inspiration for all ages.

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji brings her bubbly confidence to the 40 club.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Jada is a hot mom who isn’t afraid to be bold with her style.

Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett is divine and over 50.


It’s official: Sade simply doesn’t age.

Tina Turner

All hail Queen Tina, absolutely fierce at 72!



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    Selma Hayek’s style was impeccable and the arto decco Tiffany style jewelry was to die for.

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