Kayte Demont - Most Stylish In Maine | 50 States Of Style

Kayte Demont – Most Stylish In Maine | 50 States Of Style


Kayte Demont seems too cool to be true. The founder and purveyor of all things style and inspiration on Mass Musings, travels between Boston, NYC, Portland (ME), and Los Angeles gathering material for the blog. She has been “pouring” her soul into forging a space where individuals can congregate to find creative inspiration. The website includes not only fashion, but music, health and wellness, food and drink, and lifestyle topics. Kayte’s Maine roots and love of her home made her the perfect choice to share secrets with us about the beautiful state. Read below to see why she says Maine is “the way life should be.”




Cumberland, Maine

Current city, state:

Los Angeles, California

Why did you start your blog?

I started Mass Musings as a creative outlet for myself after I graduated from Gettysburg College. I was an English major and had a concentration in Studio Art – I wanted to provide inspiration to other creative people.

What is your favorite thing about Maine?

The pace of life! Maine truly is the way life should be. It’s peaceful, beautiful and quiet, yet still has enough cultural draws to make life fun. Also, the people are super nice and down to Earth.

What are some of your beauty & travel essentials?

I never go anywhere without my toothbrush and face-wash. That’s so typical, but I’ve always been super anal about my dental hygiene and I never feel totally clean without washing my face. I love all of the safe beauty products sold at Follain for my skin routine.

Where do you get inspiration for your blog? 

Most of my inspiration comes from friends, festivals and especially music. I try to style my outfit posts after songs that are speaking to me at the time. I think that music is such an important part of life, why not incorporate those feelings and vibes in other aspects of it as well?

If you could only shop at one place for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?

My gut reaction is Free People because that’s one of my all time favorite brands. However, I’m going to say that my final answer is Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn. Not only do I think that Brooklyn has some of the most stylish people on the East Coast, but I’ve found some of my favorite Free People items there. Plus, because it’s a thrift store, I’m not limited to one style of clothing.

Besides fashion, what do you love? 

Dancing! I grew up dancing and then stopped to play sports (I swam at Gettysburg). Music and dancing are certainly two of my passions.

What is the most stylish place in Maine? 

Portland! I’m so impressed with the community that’s established itself in Portland. There are some awesome boutiques places to thrift shop, but also the bigger brands in the area seem to cater to the unique, eclectic style that has taken over the Old Port.

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