Celina Colby - Most Stylish In New Hampshire | 50 States Of Style

Celina Colby – Most Stylish In New Hampshire | 50 States Of Style

New Hampshire

Anyone who has ever made the (wrong) assumption that women have to choose between brains and beauty obviously hasn’t met Celina Colby. Colby is the beauty and brains behind Trends & Tolstoy, a blog for the intellectually curious, and fashionably creative! She has been blogging for 4.5 years and in 2013 was named Boston’s Best Fashion Blog by the Boston A-List. Even though she’s a city girl through and through, she always jokes that you can see her New Hampshire roots through her extensive flannel collection! Read her thoughts on New Hampshire fashion and details about her blog in this exclusive 50 States of Style interview below!




Derry, New Hampshire

Current city, state:

Boston, Massachusetts

Why did you start your blog?

I started Trends and Tolstoy as a way to keep track of my outfits, but it’s blossomed into a platform for me to advocate the “stylish intellectual,” the woman who is both trendy and academically minded.

What is your favorite thing about New Hampshire?

New Hampshire has some incredibly beautiful natural scenery. You can’t beat the fall foliage, mountainscapes, and charming small towns.

What are some of your beauty & travel essentials?

My must-have travel essential is a comfortable pair of shoes. When touring the cobblestone streets of Paris or taking water taxis in Venice it’s critical to have shoes that can weather all situations. I typically go for a sturdy pair of flats and black leather moto boots.

Where do you get inspiration for your blog? 

Often the looks on my blog are inspired by the books I’m reading. There’s a big literature component to Trends and Tolstoy and I love to translate the romantic themes of my favorite Russian novels into outfits.

If you could only shop at one place for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?

This is a really hard question but to be honest I think it would be Goodwill. You can find everything from designer items to vintage pieces and a lot of the clothes are one of a kind. It doesn’t hurt that the proceeds go to a good cause either.

Besides fashion, what do you love? 

I love literature, art, and traveling. There’s nothing like reading about a place and then going to see it yourself. Travel takes all the things I’ve learned in books and turns them into tangible lessons and experiences.

What is the most stylish place in New Hampshire? 

New Hampshire isn’t known for being trendsetting but I think the White Mountains are one of the most beautiful areas of the state and a lot of sartorial inspiration can be drawn from that.

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'Kate' Ruffle Hem Shift Dress (Regular & Petite)
‘Kate’ Ruffle Hem Shift Dress (Regular & Petite)

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