The 8 Best Fun in the Sun Snapshots From Jigga & Bey: We're Addicted to Mrs. Carter's Tumblr!

The 8 Best Fun in the Sun Snapshots From Jigga & Bey: We’re Addicted to Mrs. Carter’s Tumblr!

Since Beyoncé gave the world a closer peek into her personal life through the likes of Tumblr, we can’t get enough of the letter B. These pictures exemplify a woman we have all seen grow before our eyes.  As one of the most iconic performers of today, Bey is living and enjoying her life as an adult and enjoying the fruits of her labor.

The new mom is personal enough to enjoy her life as a regular woman with her friends and family but generous enough to share those cherished moments with her extended family—her fans. To capture the moments she was so nice to share with us, we put together a list of things these pictures say about her that we had no idea  existed  pre the Beyoncé  Tumblr. Here goes…


She’s actually quite silly…

She’s fond of cigar’s…

Even on vacation, Beyoncé is always camera ready! From the style to the pose, Bey is giving it to the camera!

Beyoncé still dresses up for date night with hubby Jay- Z

Beyoncé prefers to be au naturel while on vacation

Beyoncé LOVES water sports!

Beyoncé immerses herself in the culture wherever she vacations

When Beyoncé does wear makeup her favorite lipstick is red and maybe matte and she loves a winged eyeliner.

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