StyleBlazer Survey: Was Kim K. Too Short with the Lord in Her Pleated Skirt on Easter Sunday?

StyleBlazer Survey: Was Kim K. Too Short with the Lord in Her Pleated Skirt on Easter Sunday?

As per usual, Kim Kardashian has served up her weekly donation of celebrity controversy.  And only she could receive harsh criticism while worshipping the lord. This past Easter Sunday April 8, 2012, she attended church in Los Angeles with the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, minus Khloe.  Kim was snapped wearing a tie-neck yellow blouse, black blazer, and white pleated mini skirt that many believe was too short and risque′ for a house of worship.  While we have our own thoughts on it, we want to hear from you all!



What do you think StyleBlazers, was Kimmy’s skirt too short for chruch?



-Tameika Lawrence




  • Farmbypamela

    I’m just thrilled to see people wearing dresses to church. I’m certainly not overly “prudish”, but I grew up knowing that when you go to church, you dress up.  It seems that now, a lot of churches are “come as you are”.  However, dressing up for church to me, shows respect. Plus…I think it instills great values in our children.  You get up on Sunday and put on your “Sunday Best”. …just a thought.

  • tube tops to church???

  • teegee

    its the heart that is considered whether you love the lord or not,,, dressing doesnt matter that much people go to church to praise the most high not to look @ how people are dressing

  • Church isn’t just another meeting place.  There has to be standards & respect.  The term ‘come as you are’ is welcoming Yes.  Nevertheless, we can’t ‘stay as we are’ because faith is to lead us to be better & improve.  I was taught that church is sacred & dressing provocatively isn’t appropriate.

  • Farmbypamela

    Good point about the maxidress. I hadn’t even paid attention to that. I agree! That is much more offensive than Kim’s “put together’ outfit.  Oh, and hosiery…I’m from Arizona where it is 115 in the summer so I understand the “not wanting to wear them”,  but there is just something about wearing tights or hosiery that finishes an outfit. Good thought!