Uh Oh! Keri Hilson’s Nipples on Display in Sheer Color-Block Top (Purposely Done or Honest Mistake?)

Boob alert, boob alert! Keri Hilson had her perky twins on display at the Hennessy Wild Rabbit campaign launch last week in New York City. Miss Keri didn’t suffer from a wardrobe malfunction while performing on stage a la Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj or Janet Jackson. Nor did she choose to go braless because her skimpy designer ‘fit called for it. Instead the orange lipstick wearing singer hit the red carpet decked in white-brimmed frames, a long black skirt, wicker Hobo and sheer color-block top—areolas exposed and all.

Honestly Keri, nipple covers, a pretty lace bra or even a simple cami would have done the trick. We adore the look but the nipps, not so much. StyleBlazers, was Keri’s peep show contrived or an honest mistake. See a few more shots in the gallery below before you decide…

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  • Missy

    I’m disgusted when these “stars” have to stoop so low for attention. Tacky, tacky!

  • William Cochran

    Keri has a pair of gorgeous girls, love them and her!

  • KM320

    I kind of feel that if Rihanna hadn’t of done it a few weeks ago, then I don’t think that Ms. Keri Ba-bay would have done it.  I love Keri Hilson, but it seems like too many people are riding the Rihanna-look-a-like train… ahem… Ciara…

  • http://ushomeworkforce.net/rayray Ray Ray Cash

    Keri is looking really fine these days! I’m gonna have to step up my money game in order to get her to let me take her out on a date. haha…http://ushomeworkforce.net/rayray is gonna help me get next to Keri.

  • Deebuggs2001

    No it not, I guess we will see men with their testicles exposed next.  Where do we draw the line? It’s tasteless and classless.  Such a pretty woman but dang.  Where do we draw the line or maybe I’m just old school.

  • Reginastokes Rs

    The glasses threw the outfit off.

  • juliemango

    Love d look/clrblocktop – want it. Orange lipstick match d Toyota car in d ad!!!

  • Plex

    It was definitely on purpose, because she has no purpose… not in front of the camera anyway. Yet, that’s exactly what she wants. This is why people like her and Kelly Rowland intentionally expose themselves. This wasn’t as bad as Kelly’s blatant, uninvited, unwanted nip (so called slip), but it’s bad. Then she’ll proudly give a speech to underage girls about their future. As we all know actions speak louder than words.

  • blah

    it was done on purpose. shes just wanting some attention bc nobody was talking about her. #lame