Nobody To Somebody: 7 Celebs Who Became Style Icons Because of Their Hot Rich Celebrity Boyfriends


It used to be that style icons were born, not made.  You had to have style, grace, and that certain “je ne se quois.”  But, hey things change.  These days every mid-high profile chick is trotting around in the latest designer goods for the paparazzi, wanting to be labeled a fashion it girl.  And that includes celebrities by association, or, better yet, relations as in relationships.

Yesterday’s Grace Jones is today’s Amber Rose because some of the biggest contemporary ‘Style Icons’ were made from being the wives, girlfriends, and serial daters of celebrities.  They’re thrust into the spotlight because of their chop down menus, but they’re staying in it as public obsessions because of their beauty and “style.”

But, with little credibility or established careers to speak of before their men, are they deserving?  Or are they really pretty faces with stylists, free swag, and an accessibility to some of the most beautiful luxury items?  You tell us StyleBlazers, but before you do check out these 7 celebs who went from nobody to fashion somebody because of their celebrity romances.


Amber Rose Via Yeezy

…”Yeezy taught me.”


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  •!/Lou_Beezy_ana Lou_Beezy_Ana

    Christina Milian was already rich before she met the dream! Just because she got into fashion after she got with him doesn’t mean anything.  Lala had money working for MTV and BET before she got with melo. (She wasn’t balling like she is now though but still) 

    Now you can say Cassie and Amber Rose was maid by their men though.  If Cassie wasn’t still f*ckin Diddy she wouldn’t be on BAD Boy or doing watever she’s doing now.