Don't Call It A Comeback: 7 Throwback Kicks That Are Currently Trending Across The Globe

Don’t Call It A Comeback: 7 Throwback Kicks That Are Currently Trending Across The Globe

What goes around comes back around again! (“Copy Copy Copy Copy”) If you’re old skool you picked up on that hip-hop reference. (If not, there’s always Google. Don’t feel bad, honey). You also probably rocked a few of these seven pairs of sneakers that made their debuts in the 7os, 80s and 90s and have come back once again for trendsetters to embrace. Never been a sneaker head but looking to be one? Maybe start with some of these fresh kicks…



Tracee Ellis Ross rocking the Jordan 5 Retros—first released in the 90s—like no other can, with a blazer and a Birkin. Certified StyleBlazer!






Vans Eras were popular among Southern Cali BMX riders and skaters in the 70s. We doubt Rihanna’s doing any BMX riding in that dress. Although, we wouldn’t put it past her.



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Chris Brown loves some Adidas Campus, the same kicks worn by the Beastie Boys on their ‘92 album cover.


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Jay pounding the cement in a pair of J Retro Cement 3s, first released in ‘94.



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Cassie recently wore some sick Nike Blazers that were originally released way before she was born in 1972.


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Even though MIA had yet to make it to America when these came out, we can’t help but to feel that Reebok 54 11s suit her perfectly.



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  • MsNaturalBee

    my jordan 5’s and 3’s

  • anonymous

    Nike blazers and Vans all day everyday loves’em

  • MssNiceWatch

    i love my 5’s

  • Lonal1

    dumb asses…aj3’s originally released in 1988

  • Your mom

    Adidas Campus or Dragons, there’s nothing else.

  • Josie

    Can’t go wrong with the Chuck Taylors. Always have a black pair since forever.

  • JB

    When did Vans or Chuck Taylors ever become “retro”? People were still wearing them when I was in high school over a decade ago. If anything, I’d call them timeless, not retro.

  • White shoes on a white background. Wow.

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