Don’t Call It A Comeback: 7 Throwback Kicks That Are Currently Trending Across The Globe

What goes around comes back around again! (“Copy Copy Copy Copy”) If you’re old skool you picked up on that hip-hop reference. (If not, there’s always Google. Don’t feel bad, honey). You also probably rocked a few of these seven pairs of sneakers that made their debuts in the 7os, 80s and 90s and have come back once again for trendsetters to embrace. Never been a sneaker head but looking to be one? Maybe start with some of these fresh kicks…



Tracee Ellis Ross rocking the Jordan 5 Retros—first released in the 90s—like no other can, with a blazer and a Birkin. Certified StyleBlazer!





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  • MsNaturalBee

    my jordan 5’s and 3’s

  • anonymous

    Nike blazers and Vans all day everyday loves’em

  • MssNiceWatch

    i love my 5’s

  • Lonal1

    dumb asses…aj3’s originally released in 1988

  • Your mom

    Adidas Campus or Dragons, there’s nothing else.

  • Josie

    Can’t go wrong with the Chuck Taylors. Always have a black pair since forever.

  • JB

    When did Vans or Chuck Taylors ever become “retro”? People were still wearing them when I was in high school over a decade ago. If anything, I’d call them timeless, not retro.

  • Melissa Hamari

    White shoes on a white background. Wow.