Pretty Girl Tips: Thakoon x Nars Nail Spring's Punchy Polish Trend (Who's In?)

Pretty Girl Tips: Thakoon x Nars Nail Spring’s Punchy Polish Trend (Who’s In?)

Womenswear designer Thakoon Panichgul recently traveled to India, scouring the country for inspiration and visual delights. The bold and prismatic colors of India’s spice markets inspired Thakoon’s punchy spring/summer 2012 collection. For the Fashion Week show, NARS translated the vibrant color palette seen on the runway into six custom polishes worn by the models. Each polish bears an equally spicy and alluring name—for example Lal Mirchi is a Mandarin Red and Ratin Jot is an Orchid Purple, that matches the dense color itself.

This limited edition collection will be up for sale at NARS Boutiques, online at on May 1st. For a mere $18 you too can be transported to the richly hued Indian spice market, well, at least your finger tips will be. Check out the collection below.