Jenn Bagley - Most Stylish In Wyoming | 50 States Of Style

Jenn Bagley – Most Stylish In Wyoming | 50 States Of Style


Jenn Bagley is the blogger of She is also hairdresser and has been working in the beauty industry for about eight years. But that’s not all she is! The 28-year-old is married to Skyler, a graduate student who is getting his JD/MBA, is a mama to Florabelle (3 1/2) and Augustus (nearly 2), and is expecting a little girl in March. Her life feels a little crazy at times but she likes to be busy, which is why she holds deal to her blog Bows and Fringe. Find out why she made our States of Style list, below!




Idaho Falls, ID

Current city, state:

Laramie, Wyoming

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog for a lot of different reasons. I wanted a place where I could share my passion for hair, beauty, fashion, writing, and life. I also wanted a place where I could showcase my work and network with people about hair and beauty. Lastly, I love supporting local/small business and having a blog allows me to give them some love and promote them.

What is your favorite thing about Wyoming?

There are so many great things about Wyoming. Western Wyoming (where Jackson and Yellowstone are) is absolutely stunning! It is definitely worth a trip to see these places. Laramie, which is where I currently live, is actually pretty rough. The weather is awful, windy all the time and cold. Laramie is also a really small town and (in my opinion) there is not a lot to do here, especially in the winter. I mean, we don’t even have a Target and the next closest city is at least an hour away! I do like how life seems a little slower here. People are just so laid back and enjoy the simple things. I also really enjoy the summers. I take my kids hiking quite often and it is so fun to see them explore and enjoy nature.

What are some of your beauty & travel essentials?

I try to keep my beauty and travel routine as simple as possible. I always have Bobby pins, hair ties, and a good pair of tweezers. (you never know when you may find a stray hair when you are out and about). I also love “Yes to Blueberries” facial wipes and a good shampoo and conditioner is key. My favorite mascara is Maybelline Full ‘N Soft and I love NYX lipsticks.

Where do you get inspiration for your blog? 

I love small details and accessories. It’s the little things in life that matter. I get most inspiration from other bloggers though, I mean there are so many beautiful and talented ladies out there; it’s amazing! I also really love looking for inspiration in thrift stores.

If you could only shop at one place for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?

There are a lot of stores I love, but if I could only choose one to shop at the rest of my life it would probably be H&M. I like the clothes they have for adults, but I go CRAZY shopping for my kids there! They have the absolute cutest kids’ clothes and they are so reasonably priced too.

Besides fashion, what do you love? 

Besides fashion I love Coca Cola, thrift stores, lipstick, pizza, movies, anything peanut butter and chocolate, parties, and having a good laugh. I love being thrifty (reusing and repurposing things) and doing crafts. But most of all I just love being with my family.

What is the most stylish place in Wyoming? 

The most stylish place in Wyoming would probably be either Jackson or downtown Cheyenne. Wyoming has a laid back cowboy style, but when I go walk around Jackson or downtown Cheyenne I can’t help but want to buy a pair of cowboy boots, a flirty country dress, and some western turquoise jewelry even though I am definitely not a cowgirl.

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