Currently Trending: The Classic Men’s Button Down Gets Put on to Pastels (Check The Trend Michael Ealy Loves!)

Remember when a guy sporting a pink shirt was something for people to talk about?  But, in recent years—partly thanks to male fashion mavericks like Yeezy—a lot of men have really started to embrace pink and a range of other hues previously dubbed “girly.”  That includes pastels.  The classic men’s button in particular is getting a fresh look for spring in the trending color palette.  Celebrity men like Michael Ealy and Steve Harvey are hitting the red carpet with full force in these lightweight pastels, starting with the button down.

Shop these currently trending pastel men’s button down in the gallery below.



Express Short Sleeve Fitted Military Shirt in Confetti Pink

  • Naffy70

    AKA the Asian man style LOL.  That’s how they’ve dressing in Korean Dramas for years.

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