From The Source: How To Instantly Improve Your Man's Style

From The Source: How To Instantly Improve Your Man’s Style

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 02: A model walks the runway at the Nautica Men's Fall 2016 fashion show during New York Fashion Week Men's Fall/Winter 2016 at Skylight Modern on February 2, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Nautica)
NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 02: Nautica Men’s Fall 2016  (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Nautica)


Men’s fashion was at its peak this week, with shows and presentations going on all over New York City. From Timo Weiland to Nautica and Public School, we got a lesson in what’s up and coming for gentlemen.

Style, for the opposite sex, is very important.

But for the average guy –the non model or designer type– dressing dapper is no practical feat. And for you StyleBlazers who are dating or married to a guy who you adore, but could use an upgrade in the fashion department, we have something for you.

Celebrity stylist, Danielle Nachmani was on hand at Timberland’s Style Suite introducing their SS16 collection this week. The talent whose client list includes Ethan Hawke, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Girls actor Adam Driver, was candid about men’s style and ways to improve.

On working with Timberland: “My relationship with Timberland began because I do a lot of men’s styling and a lot of the men that I work with are just, guys. They want to wear a boot that feels classic and American but also looks good without feeling too fashion. And that’s a really hard line to hit. Timberland over time has grown into this nice middle line between fashion and being stylish– which are two really different trajectories. You can wear something that’s Timberland and it adds an element of street to your look without it feeling too casual.”

On making men look stylish without looking high fashion: “I love the weaving that’s being done [in Timberland’s SS16 collection] that adds a really strong texture in the boots and in the jackets. You see the same trend in Yeezys, and other pieces. It’s very street, but also high fashion. It hits both of those ends without being scary. And when you say Timberland, it’s like, ‘Oh, OK.’ For someone who’s not that interested in the fashion world, it looks cool and looks like the stuff they’re seeing in the papers or that their favorite hip hop artists are wearing– but it’s accessible.”

On the most important thing to consider for men’s fashion: “I think sizing is important. I think a man wants to look like a man. And what attracts women to men, is that fact that they’re a man. The easiest way to make a man look good is to keep it classic and have good fit. Everything just needs to fit. If it does, then you can’t go wrong. A great pair of denim jeans, a great white button down and boots can be a basic uniform. The fit is really crucial with pants. And just.. showers. [chuckles] But really less is more for men and the fit is where money should be spent.”

On how men can do athleisurewar without looking sloppy: “I think they can do this by incorporating brands that are popular. It’s really about price point and sticking to neutral tones. The element of fit and quality is important too. If something is cheap, it’s going to look cheap. My dad used to say, ‘Whatever it looks like in your closet, is what it’s going to look like on you.’ It’s about having pride in what you’re putting on. When you’re walking around wearing Timberland, how could you not feel proud?!”

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