7 Men's Jumpsuits To Try Now 

Guys Here’s Why You Should Try A Men’s Jumpsuit

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Although the variety of pieces in a man’s wardrobe is expanding, for the most part it’s limited. Pants, jackets, shirts and come summer shorts – that’s about it. Men’s jumpsuits are trending in the latest collections from Men’s Fashion Week making for an interesting new wardrobe option so good it should be a staple.

The men’s jumpsuit isn’t anything new. This utilitarian inspired silhouette often shows up in designer fashion collections. However this season there’s a few updates creating more more to choose from and making the trend more wearable than ever before.


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Alexander Wang, Etro, Jil Sander


Literal iterations of flight suits, mechanics coveralls and all around workwear like those from Dickie’s and Carhartt are a mainstay of the men’s jumpsuit trend. They’re affordable and the fit is loose and comfortable making for a foolproof, go-to outfit for summer. This look is essentially foolproof. Just check out New York based fashion stylist I am H Diddy rockin’ this vintage jumpsuit during Fashion Week.

Then there’s this old school racing inspired speed suit spotted on the streets just further proving – guys, you can do this!

But if you want something trendier or more polished there are options for that too. Tailoring and a suiting fabric can give a more refined business attire look like those in Etro’s Fall collection. Jil Sander’s take on the on trend bomber style top is another modern approach while you can get a street wear, downtown look with a jumpsuit that zips or has shorts and short sleeves instead of full length.

Click to find a men’s jumpsuit to make your next wardrobe staple!

Chapter-mens-jumpsuitChapter jumpsuit, $295, nordstrom.com.

ASOSASOS jumpsuit, $60, asos.com.

Publish-mensonepiecePublish one-piece, $105, revolveclothing.com.

RalphLauren-mens-flightsuitPolo Ralph Lauren flight suit, $395, ralphlauren.com.

StandardIssue-denim-jumpsuitStandard Issue coveralls, $119, urbanoutfitters.com.

SnowPeak-fieldsuitSnow Peak field suit, $245, snowpeak.com.

Y3-mens-jumpsuitY-3 jumpsuit, $555, farfetch.com.

  • Pavle Stanimirovic

    It is a members only jacket club , to the non professionals that have not experienced Army , Navy , Prison , Garbage Man or should we say Sanitation Processor , lol… In reality I love jumpsuits for their convenience if you are jumping out of cockpits and fixing cars , living that blue collar life then by all means have a few in your wardrobe closet , now the decision to wear it for style is only going to work for a real kind of man to wear it and pull it off ! 2o16 Fashion blog about a rugged jumpsuits the policy applied to those in the life such as Private Contractor in Tripoli man ! You still want to look bullet proof even if you are not, it must be hard born and raised in the 90210 ! As soon as you realize it is a gift , you can use it for good !

  • pavel0

    The only decent looking one is the flight suit, but I’ll be damned if I’d pay $300 for something that I can get for $25

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