8 Celebrities Who Might Have Gone Under The Knife for New Noses (Who Did & Who Didn’t?)


    beyonce, kim k and halle should have left their noses alone

  • C.C.

    Lala’s nose is a definite improvement, 

  • lia

    I think Kerry may be using the Nosesecret nose correctors. The nose looks just like mine when I use the nosesecret correctors.

    • 9jaAmericanWoman

       what are Nosesecret nose correctors?!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/RSVJGD2CFWSYNOQSH6TR475O4Y boyBYE

        its an ad

  • Jp

    Contouring make up maybe….for some of them

    • huh

      yes contouring with a knife. Remember most people can see the smallest changes. We have been staring & studying at faces since we were newborns.!! you can fool us.

  • So_What

    ….let’s not forget about angle and shade people.  Aside from Kim K, hair color, waxed brows and teeth whitening……..they all look the same to me.  thnk about the angles.

  • http://twitter.com/OFFICIALLYMAJOR N I J A

    All, but great improvements nevertheless. Beyonces before picture was from after she fixed her nose though. 

  • http://twitter.com/MsSeekMyko Ms Seek Myko

    It doesn’t look like Bey or Selonge got their nose done to me…

  • Mara

    They all did…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tiffanie-MadameGigglez-Thomas/665285721 Tiffanie MadameGigglez Thomas

    Kelly also admitted to having her boobs done….

  • c

    lala has definitely had a nose job. i saw that movie “you got served” she was in, her nose was huge before

  • Guest

    i don’t think any of them had nose jobs it just looks like they lost weigh and or used make up. It’s all about money . . . the more money the made the better they looked and all anyone may need is a little weight loss, skin care and a good make up artist!

  • Alicia

    LALA and ameriie and kim K and halle definately did

  • Guest

    Not a secret; Kelly has had breast augmentation and a butt job!

  • Guest

    It is so obvious their noses have been done. Beyonce has also had lipo and breast implants.

  • D’Andrea Aytes

    The nose jobs are obvious, as well as the implants, lipo, butt lifts, etc.

  • D’Andrea Aytes

    The nose jobs are obvious, as well as the implants, lipo, butt lifts, etc.

  • huh

    You forgot jlo

  • Zara

    I don’t think Beyonce got her nose reconstructed, she can afford a better makeup artist now. That contouring on her nose in 2001 was atrocious!

    • Tamarind Lemur

      No kidding! Whoever did her nose then had never heard of “blending”.

  • jim wood

    The only ones I would bet money on are the Knowles sisters. And damn but Halle Berry is beautiful in both pictures.

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