8 Celebrities Who Might Have Gone Under The Knife for New Noses (Who Did & Who Didn't?)

8 Celebrities Who Might Have Gone Under The Knife for New Noses (Who Did & Who Didn’t?)

It’s better to be beautiful in Hollywood, but some celebrities take it over board and go for the “knifed up” look (cough-cough, Lil’Kim).  While others prefer more subtle augmentations to their faces and bodies to “advance” their careers.  Show biz puts a lot of pressure on physical appearance and some of our favorite starlets have bought right into it, trading in their old noses for new, more svelte sniffers. We’re only speculating, but these ladies either have gotten the job done or have hired a master make up artist who specializes in contouring. You be the judge of which of the 8 celebrities below did or didn’t get a nose job!



Kerry Washington

 Circa 2001 vs. 2012

 Very discreet, but Kerry could either have shed pounds or sculpted her nose.

Kelly Rowland

 Circa 2001 vs. 2012

Kelly traded those red highlights she used to rock for a more mature, chic hair do, but did she trade her old nose too?

Halle Berry

Circa 1992 vs. 2011

Halle looks beautiful regardless, but did she tweek that beauty a pinch via a slimmer nose?


Circa 2002 vs. 2012

 Ameriie added an additional “i” to her name, but are you convinced she also lost some tissue from that nose of hers too as rumored?


Kim Kardashian

Circa 2006 vs. 2012

Kim Kardashian’s love life is not the only headliner. The changes to her face (and body) have been a point of speculation for years.  So did she do her nose?


 Circa 2001 vs. 2012

There must be a ton of pressure being “B,” but do you think she’s avoided taking the knife to her nose unlike a lot of other beauties?


Lala Anthony

Circa 2001 vs. 2012

La La has upgraded everything over the years, but did she upgrade her face too with a new nose?

Solange Knowles

Circa 2001 vs. 2011

Solange is practically a whole different girl now from the days of being Bey’s lil sis, but did she get a whole new sniffer to match?


    beyonce, kim k and halle should have left their noses alone

  • C.C.

    Lala’s nose is a definite improvement, 

  • lia

    I think Kerry may be using the Nosesecret nose correctors. The nose looks just like mine when I use the nosesecret correctors.

    • 9jaAmericanWoman

       what are Nosesecret nose correctors?!

  • Jp

    Contouring make up maybe….for some of them

    • huh

      yes contouring with a knife. Remember most people can see the smallest changes. We have been staring & studying at faces since we were newborns.!! you can fool us.

  • So_What

    ….let’s not forget about angle and shade people.  Aside from Kim K, hair color, waxed brows and teeth whitening……..they all look the same to me.  thnk about the angles.

  • All, but great improvements nevertheless. Beyonces before picture was from after she fixed her nose though. 

  • It doesn’t look like Bey or Selonge got their nose done to me…

  • Mara

    They all did…

  • Kelly also admitted to having her boobs done….

  • c

    lala has definitely had a nose job. i saw that movie “you got served” she was in, her nose was huge before

  • Guest

    i don’t think any of them had nose jobs it just looks like they lost weigh and or used make up. It’s all about money . . . the more money the made the better they looked and all anyone may need is a little weight loss, skin care and a good make up artist!

  • Alicia

    LALA and ameriie and kim K and halle definately did

  • Guest

    Not a secret; Kelly has had breast augmentation and a butt job!

  • Guest

    It is so obvious their noses have been done. Beyonce has also had lipo and breast implants.

  • D’Andrea Aytes

    The nose jobs are obvious, as well as the implants, lipo, butt lifts, etc.

  • D’Andrea Aytes

    The nose jobs are obvious, as well as the implants, lipo, butt lifts, etc.

  • huh

    You forgot jlo

  • Zara

    I don’t think Beyonce got her nose reconstructed, she can afford a better makeup artist now. That contouring on her nose in 2001 was atrocious!

    • Tamarind Lemur

      No kidding! Whoever did her nose then had never heard of “blending”.

  • jim wood

    The only ones I would bet money on are the Knowles sisters. And damn but Halle Berry is beautiful in both pictures.

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