Ditch The Weave, Please! 10 Celebs Who Look Better with Short Hair

Ditch The Weave, Please! 10 Celebs Who Look Better with Short Hair

With stylist at their beck and call and disposable incomes to pull hair swithcheroos whenever they’re good and ready, celebs change hairstyles quicker than models change clothes. And although long strands tend to bring out our favorite stars’ inner bombshell, clean cropped ‘dos are a much more attractive option for some. Here are 10 leading ladies that we prefer with short hair…

1. Kelly Rowland



If Miss Kelly ain’t the poster child for pixie cut cuties, then who else is? Sure the singer can rock longer locks, but for a while there we were worried about the slew of bad lace front wigs that we practically begged her to come back to the short side. A face like hers needs to be seen!


2. Toni Braxton


It’s not so much that Toni doesn’t look sizzling hot with waist length hair, it’s just that we know her best with a close crop. Plus look at those cheekbones. They’re dying to be seen!


3. Solange Knowles


We love our Sol Angel, but wouldn’t you agree it’s like she came to life when she chopped off her tresses in exchange for a TWA? Her outfits and makeup definitely popped more and the singer/DJ definitely started receiving more accolades for her style after the cut.


4. Chrisette Michelle


Obviously she has the same buttery smooth soulful voice whether short or long, but we definitely connect more with the singer’s close coils and spicy flipped short ‘dos.


5. Selita Ebanks


Gosh, this woman is beautiful. She could shave her head like G.I. Jane or rock a big Nicki Minaj wig and she’d still be a hot chick, but we definitely like our Selitta short.


6. Rihanna




The woman of many, many hairstyles and yet we still love the way a boy cut looks on the Bajan popstar.


7. Keri Hilson


Though the brunt of many jokes around the internet, there’s no denying that this pretty girl rocks better with short hair.


8. NeNe Leakes


Long hair seems to hide that fiery personality of Linnethia’s. With her baby doll eyes and fierce brows, we can’t see this Real Housewife of Atlanta any other way but short.



9. Kandi Burruss



It’s not that we hate Kandi with flowing tresses, it’s just that the singer/songwriter definitely rocks ear length and shorter looks like no other.


10. Amber Rose


 They say “long hair don’t care”, but when it comes to Amber, it’s “no hair don’t care”. The brazen beauty was born for a buzz-cut! All long hair does is block all her fierceness.


StyleBlazers, you agree? Should these celebs ditch the weave and embrace the cropped?



Danielle Gray



  • ooj

    Suprise Halle Berry didnt make the list

    • just sayin

      She should have. Long hair looks terrible on Halle!!!!!

      • Jeremy

        Umm no, she is much hotter with longer hair, just like eveyrone else.

    • Samantha

      I agree. Halle is gorgeous, especially with short hair.

  • Nujarulz

    i really don’t understand why a majority of black female celebrities wear fake hair. are they afraid of their own hair? i have a 5 year old daughter and i don’t want her to think thats the norm, but every time i turn on the television or go to a website that is what i see…

    • Nat

       we live in a world where “mainstream” america cannot handle the versatility of Black female hair.  try going natural in a law firm, or corporate america, or even on CNN.  we need to challenge these “norms” of eurocentric hair, so that children of color realize how gorgeous their natural hair and beauty really is and don’t grow up in a world that penalizes them for being real and gorgeous. i believe we’re getting there. or at least i hope.

      • Littlbyt10

         Very well said. I agree that we are getting there, as more black women realize that they do not need to wear other people’s hair to look beautiful.God gave us this texture hair  because of who we are .I say wear it with pride.Love yourselves ladies.You are all beautiful.    

    • Lovergirl

       so just cause an article tells you all these women are wearing weaves you believe them and make such a dumb statement??

      Not all of them wear weaves! the author is an idiot. and even if they did theyre celebrities they are constantly being judge by media and have to make appearances all the time so maybe they dont have 5 hours in a day to be redoing their hair all the time so chose an easier tamable hair style like used in a weave..

  • So_What

    overall, i think that they ALL look great either way.  but i must say, that the choice of color should have been in question regarding this article.

    i love Kandi’s short cut the best.

  • CriticXtreme

    Please ditch the weaves!!! It makes many of you look like animals, it smells and starts you going bald. If you want to be taken seriously, be real and natural. And I’m not talking that stereotype Side Show Bob look that the media says every black woman has. Some of you look so beautiful when you’re sporting a nicely groomed, without a million colors, TWA.

  • Livingdreamentertainment

    Had to be a woman who wrote this…NONE of these women look better with short hair no matter how you analize it. Hair helps, cutting it off makes you look lazy, like you too lazy to wash, curl and take care of hair. Just my opinion. But, really, none of them look better with short hair….

    • Nat

       are you serious?  please tell me Amber Rose looked better with hair!  seriously!  Most of them looked good with both long and short.  some MUCH better with short.  it’s so liberating.  you’re just seeing the message you want.  it also says “i’m a strong and confident woman who does not need to hide this beauty behind layers of hair”

    • Allie

      Let me educate you a little bit if I may when it comes to shorter hair, being a female who has short hair, short hair still requires a lot of maintenance, cutting your hair does not in any show that you’re lazy, and in my opinion all of the women featured looked great with shorter hair, just because your not able to pull it off yourself, doesn’t mean you have to come on here spouting ignorance about a topic which you obviously know nothing about

    • mybiz

      With that logic long hair is lazy, you just wash it and put it in a ponytail. Get real, I’ve had both, naturally and they both have their perks.

    • Ladylub23

      I’ve never had short hair. I’ve been a hairstylist for 8 years and let me to u…short hair requires a lot of maintenance. My long hair doesn’t.

    • Jen

      Why does it make you look lazy?  If you weren’t born with long hair what other choice do you have?  A weave or lace front wig?  Why, to eventually damaged what hair you may have left?  Just asking.

    • lillyputt

      You must be male.  All females know it takes much more effort to live with short hair.  Long hair you can just toss in a pony and go.

  • fashionoutlier

    Anyone can go out and buy long hair, but not everyone can pull of a short ‘do. Loved the article!

    I think that as soon as we [black women] start accepting the fact that we are beautiful with what we are born with, no matter our hair length or texture, then society will follow suit and we won’t be forced to conform with long, off-colored weaves just to feel like we’re being given a fair shot.

  • jusmedlin

    lovin Toni’s hair!!!!

  • Chebrown55

    Its a shame how ignorant people are to think that only black women are wearing weaves. And men who say they dont like weaves are lying. Get educated.

    • Dolly Darling

      What is interesting is this article left out all of the non blacks that rock weaves:
      The Kardashians, Charlize Theron, JLo, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, to name a few…..

      • vonmiwi culvero

        Yeah and their hair grows straight from their scalps and not in coils. Get real!

    • Resignleonitus.

      Who told u that lie? No self respecting man likes a fake woman with fake hair. If u cant love yourself as you are without fake hair, why should i love you at all?

      • kat

        I don’t think that it’d that they don’t love themselves, sir. They like what it looks like and they do it forbthen. Not you. And all of you guys saying that all guys hate weaves are wrong. Different people have different opinions. Some like them, some dont. And realizing that males you an adult. Grow up, people.

  • NegRican24

    I think they are all nice looking women and the ones that SHOULD stick with short at ALL times are Amber, Ne Ne, Toni, and  Khandi. 

  • Gmarie

    sorry but I hated kandi’s short hair style. not even that it was short, just that whole woody woodpecker thing was unbecoming. and tbh I think longer hair softens her face up a bit more.

  • Jen

    Maybe I should cut my hair…sigh!

  • Sabbyt2003

    Selita, Kerri,and Chrissette look much more wholesome with the longer dark hair, Toni too. The Blonde alternatives make them look like they sell tail. NeNe looks better with the short colored hair. Rhianna’s wig put her in that category as well.

  • Shae M.

    Lol @ “Ditch the weave”. Some women that wear their hair in a short style STILL wear pieces in their hair (usually for texture, fullness, and/or color). I think short hair looks great on a woman! It takes confidence to rock your hair out of your face.

  • nene needs to stick with tht short hair.. make her look a lil better

    • mrslynndavis

      why would you say that about another women? A women you don’t know. I thinks she’s a very majestic, tall, bevy of a woman and that’s the reason you women have so many unnecessary things to say about her. If i knew her in person, i would love to hang out with her and all her gorgeousness. Do you think she would automaticly just start putting down your looks? Some food for thought!

  • nene needs to stick to the shot hair, kinda let her look a lil better. short hair for you amber..

  • Londonner

    Really? Why do all the comments have to be about ‘blackness’ and ‘being yourself’ – How far would you prefer it to be taken? no relaxer? (because none of the above seemed to have ‘natural’ hair except maybe Amber) No coloring? (most of the above had colors in there) No Make-up? No blowdrying? It’s fashion plain and simple, people, and it only becomes an issue by people making it an issue – I hate a bad weave just as much as the next person, but if you get your weave done properly and maintain it well, it wont stink or make you bald. Black women should be able to wear their hair any way they want to – just like white women are (Who weave, straighten. curly-perm, and colour their hair just as much) – without being judged for it…

    • rae

      I agree women of color should be able to choose what pleases them, not what other people think..We are the only people judged for choosing to be different

    • Why do people have to pull out the race card. Ugh. SO ANNOYING.

  • Harey33

    What about Halle?

  • Dest

    Rihanna , amber rose in this article look the best with short hair to me

  • Dest

    I so agree!

  • Pukah_j

    I think the majority of them look better with long hair.  The only exceptions I would make are Rihanna and NeNe Leakes–they need short hair.  Kandi Burruss looks great with short hair, but she also looks beautiful with long hair.  Amber Rose is another one that I think looks good either way–the only thing I don’t like about her long hair look is the over done fake bake (too tan).  Just my opinion.  They are all beautiful women, though!  =)

  • shakeymae

    I love Amber Rose. She’s stunning but more so with her signature buzz cut. It allows her sweetness to shine through.

  • Satindoll36

    nope! not all these women look good with shorter hair for one reason or another. Solange, Amber and Nene really stood out as “shorties.” But Toni Braxton needs some hair on that tranny face. 

  • guest

    how can you judge an entire race’s appearance as a whole like that? that doesn’t make any sense. many women of any race can pull off short hair.

  • Mr Steve

    I could not disagree more with this article..They all look better with long hair.. I thought this was a joke but after seeing the entire run down I see someone is serious.. I think they should have allowed the people to vote I think that the person who wrote this and collected the pictures is completely wrong.. The long hair looks better on all of them 

  • Halle Berry? Meagan Goode?

  • Odori_chan

    Seriously?  You’ve GOT to be kidding.  Every single one of these women looked MUCH better with long hair.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if whoever put this spread together really thinks these celebs look better in the short hair pictures, (s)he’s either from another planet, is smoking something strange, or has some kind of wierd short-hair fetish. 😛

  • Witt_woody

    Each and everyone of them look far better in the long hair pictures, sorry but most women look like boys with short hair…….. and to the dude crying racism above, nowadays almost every white American has someone black in their lineage, and almost every black in american has someone white in their heritage… bottom line, no black no white no yellow, we’re all human, and unless your 100+ years old STFU about slavery, none of us were part of it and only the most ignorant support the idea of it.

  • Wayne

    All these women are beautiful and with the short hair the focus is on their face.
    The problem with these weaves/wigs is that they are all styled and look the same way. It’s just unappealing to have everyone from baby sister to prostitute look the same. They are distracting. You can see the humps,new growth,texture/color not matching, parted in same fashion and just the fact when you look at it ,you know it’s not real. Black or white, they are not appealing.

  • brilliantmind

    Who the Heck is Nene??? She is certainly NOT a “celeb”. Besides that she is fugly as they come, with or without store bought “hair”. The sooner everyone stops watching these “Housewives” shows and listening to these women them when they tell everybody they are “celebrities”, the sooner they will ALL go back to the rocks they came out from.

    • mrslynndavis

      i sense a little shade. next time write your thoughts down before you type them, so that we all can read what you’re trying to say. STOP HATING HATER!

  • troycustominc productions

    what about beyonce wonder what she looks like without the fake hair………..

  • katitia

    I think that if you are constantly required to have a different look like most celebs do,they should let THEIR hair stay in the natural state they were born with and wear colored wigs or longer wigs for length and style and when theyr’e not enteratining “between gigs”,during the “private time” , they should take off the wigs and just be natural and they would be able to let their hair grow if they would choose or be short and natural. I say this because that is what I am doing,I wear wigs if I want blonde,red or any color and I wear my real hair natural,it is getting long now. If one wants to wear extensions or relaxers that is their preference to each His or Her own and also noone has mentioned how many men(yes men of all races) in the industry color their hair,perm/relax,wear wigs,extensions, braided extensions and dredlock extensions.

  • ThomasM195

    NONE of these women look better with short hair. These people are INSANE!

  • You have to have long blonde hair if you live in Hollyweird (is an unwritten law that when you move to Hollyweird you have to bleach your hair)
    Personally, I don’t like it when women (“colored” or “white”) who look beautiful with dark hair bleach their hair to fit the “Hollywood standard”

  • Elemdub

    Ummm…to the author, editor, whomever, just because the women are wearing shorter hair does NOT mean they do not have weave. IJS

  • elle

    I agree with elemdub… and ALSO just because their hair is LONG does not mean it IS weave… like solanges hair. It’s disturbing to me that someone, somewhere wrote this with really no more than their imaginations. Short hair can be weave, and contrary to popular belief..black women CAN grow their hair out…I found that this article was more an issue of race… After all… kim kardashian, britney spears, and also SO many olderrr.. caucasian women… also have weaves/hair extensions – EITHER WAY you cant put your fingers to the scalp, I’m assuming (I’ve never had either)… so why aren’t their any white women. I’m mixed personally… but its disturbing me greatly.. so… hm. depressing.

  • ur an idiot

    you can.. TAN though right?… you dont.. feel like you HAVE to…you dont feel like you put on NEW skin do you?…. shut…up… if you’re gonna CRY ignorance.. THINK IT… THROUGH… see that? the dot dots.. gave me a chance to think.. and I still THINK.. you’re ENTITLED sounding. “WAH”

  • don’t hate

    toni braxton looks GREAT with long hair! i couldn’t criticize her glamour look one bit.

    but amber rose needs to stick with short hair. i love long hair, but somehow it just doesn’t look good on her. which is weird b/c she’s a beautiful woman.

  • Beth

    Toni braxton has had some work done….

  • The only one that looked better was Rihanna, Keri Hilson didn’t “lose the weave” she colored her hair or added a weave. Seriously, you guys couldn’t be more wrong. Kandi Burruss looks like someone took a hatchett to her hair, hideous. I think it’s Amber Rose’s lips she looks better without.

  • Jihan

    Sad. But true

  • Almost ALL of these look better with the long hair. Seriously. Except for Amber Rose and Rhianna. Kandi looks like someone took some bad dye and a machete to her head. Her hair is AWFUL.

  • I disagree with MOST of them EXCEPT Rihanna, Nene, Kandi and Amber….

  • Analisa Burden-carrillo

    Weaves are gross, unsightly and fool no one. Everyone knows it’s fake hair…so sad

  • Jeremy

    All of them are hotter with the longer hair.

  • SonnySky

    The short hair is ghastly looking.

  • Jersangel12

    It’s disgusting watching everyone pull out the race card. This right here is why racism will never die. And this is coming from a white chick. I see plenty of women regardless of race wear extentions and weaves. So get your head out of your @$$ and quit playing race cards. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Geekymomz

    Honestly, some of the “natural” hair looked weaved in to me.

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