Chick Stole My Man: Top 8 Homewrecking Celebs (A Damn Shame!)

  • Ollej111

    Karma will come back to hunt each of the Low Life Side Eyed Homewreckers……Take notes from Tiger Woods, his golf game hasn’t been right since his dirty illegal acts of Adultery. They’re all a bunch of “Low Self Esteem Losers”

  • msgeegee

    Kim K, hands down but I dont think you can really call her a homewrecker since Kanye wasnt married.

    • noone

      but she was, um IS still married to Kris!!

  • Wickedwonder1979

    they’re all triflin to me, ew…

  • Mula

    Danielle, please keep venturing out by writing about many things among makeup 😀

    I think the worst is ‘Licia because she acts like she is holier than thou. 

    I never really liked Jennifer Aniston, she looks like someone who is all wrapped up in their image.

    I think Brad is the happiest with big Ang. 

  • voiceofreason37

    I hate when people/ the media put the blame on the other women. Not that they shouldn’t be shamed bcuz they should, but the true blame is the men who stepped out of their marriages & “wrecked their own homes”.

  • WotaMess

    What an idiotic stupid statement. If the men were happy in their relationships they would never have left their marriages

  • Amanda S

    Lol why are we . judging them. Who cares? Just because someone isn’t officially divorced doesn’t mean the marriage isn’t over. Jeeez who thr hell are any of you to judge these people.

  • eman

    They R all rhymes with “Witches”…..Karma will sure comeback to get them.

  • Soapie0

    What about former “America’s Sweetheart” Julia Roberts? She hooked up with her husband while he was still married and then paid his wife a load of money to speed up the divorce so she could marry him.

  • Jonezy

    How about Amy Grant and Vince Gill? That affair broke up BOTH their marriages. And Julia Roberts and what’s-his-name, who was married when they started up.

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