StyleBlazer Certified: Sophisticated Hair Accessories for Grown Ladies (Don’t Make The Same Mistake Hillary Clinton Did!)

The Scrunchie. The word tastes almost as stale in our mouths as it looks in Hillary Clinton’s head. We thought we’d left this clumsy hair tie back in the 8o’s and 90’s with power suits and sneakers, but it seems to have time traveled with Hillary, because she continually wears it.  And much to our surprise, we apparently aren’t the only ones side-eying the Secretary of State’s “questionable” fashion choice.


In an almost “by God woman, why would you do such a thing?!,” sorta way, Clinton’s aides have brought it to attention, even proposing a ban on the scrunchie in favor of something more stylish.  Something more stylish? Say no more!  Inspired by Hillary, we went in search of a few more stylish, updated hair accessory options for the mature professional woman. Take a peek at our StyleBlazer Certified picks below.

Black DCNL Hard Candy Ponytailer

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