For The Love of Money: 7 Celebrity Couples Who We Suspect Married for Money (Business Deal or Lifetime Connection?)

We would love to think that anyone who marries does so for love. But it’s not always that simple, especially in the world of celebs who may look at marriage as a business deal versus a lifetime connection. Some pairings just seem way too strange and have us scratching our heads as to how and why two people got together. Was it the money or the prospective “come up” that made their partner look more appealing?


We’re not ones to judge, but check out 7 couples we suspect married for money.


Kim Kardashian



Though her marriage to Kris Humphries lasted less than a season, some reports estimated Kim K. made up to $20 million in endorsements and TV deals for her oh so sacred wedding day. Not bad for a 72 day marriage.┬áIs there anything Kimmy won’t do for cash?


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  • Cici

    Tamar is a true gold digger. She is way to arrogant to marry a man his size if not for money. He seems nice but come on, her superficial self just wouldn’t have it without some coin on top.