For The Love of Money: 7 Celebrity Couples Who We Suspect Married for Money (Business Deal or Lifetime Connection?)

For The Love of Money: 7 Celebrity Couples Who We Suspect Married for Money (Business Deal or Lifetime Connection?)

We would love to think that anyone who marries does so for love. But it’s not always that simple, especially in the world of celebs who may look at marriage as a business deal versus a lifetime connection. Some pairings just seem way too strange and have us scratching our heads as to how and why two people got together. Was it the money or the prospective “come up” that made their partner look more appealing?


We’re not ones to judge, but check out 7 couples we suspect married for money.


Kim Kardashian



Though her marriage to Kris Humphries lasted less than a season, some reports estimated Kim K. made up to $20 million in endorsements and TV deals for her oh so sacred wedding day. Not bad for a 72 day marriage. Is there anything Kimmy won’t do for cash?

Tamar Braxton



Thanks to Braxton Family Values viewers got to see the inner workings of the musical family, especially the youngest sister, Tamar and her husband Vince. Maybe it’s just us but these two seem to have no chemistry whatsoever. And with Vince’s career as an influential producer (Lady Gaga is signed under his label) and Tamar’s desperate desire to jump start her solo career, this partnership seems mighty convenient, don’t you think?

Anna Nicole Smith



When the late Anna Nicole Smith married oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall, it was clearly a case of younger woman marrying older man (62 years older!) in hopes of inheriting his coins. Marshall died thirteen months after the marriage but Smith never saw a penny of his reported $1.6 billion estate before her untimely death in 2007.

Kimora Lee Simmons



Kimora was a successful teen model before Russell Simmons stepped in to her life, but after attaching Simmons to her last name, life would never be the same. Russell had Phat Farm and Kimora ascended the ranks at Baby Phat until parting ways with the company in 2010. It’s interesting that even after her divorce from Russell and her new partnership with Djimon Hounsou, Kimora’s hanging on to the Simmons surname, which has proven so beneficial to her.


Nick Cannon


When Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon exchanged vows in 2008, the immediate thought was that Nick must be after Mariah’s moola. Well, it has to be noted that Nick is a successful businessman and media exec and the two seem happy and crazy in love but we’re keeping our eyes on them. Let’s see if they stand the test of time or if the money-grubbing speculations turn out to be true.

Evelyn Lozado



Evelyn Lozado and Chad Ochocinco met via Twitter and both seem to love attention. He also loves giving his fiancee lavish gifts and she loves showing them off on Twitter. The wedding’s on hold for now but let’s see if they can make it down the aisle.

Kris Humphries



Kim used Kris to further fatten her pockets and so did Kris. Did you know who this marginal basketball player was before Kim got her claws in him? Do you know who he is now and are his pockets probably a bit fatter? ‘Nuff said!


Patrice J. Williams 


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  • Cici

    Tamar is a true gold digger. She is way to arrogant to marry a man his size if not for money. He seems nice but come on, her superficial self just wouldn’t have it without some coin on top.

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