Spring Love: Are Chris & Karrueche This Season’s Cutest Couple? (We Think They Might Be!)

  • Chranna

    They are cute together but Chris and Rihanna will always to be considered the cutest young Black Hollywood couple in my opinion! Sorry haters they will be reunited so hug yourselves it will be okay. lol

    • Nene_nelson4

      I like him and his new girlfriend there better for each other!

  • Anonymous

    You guys really have to figure out a way to post things without all those pages .

  • Diana

    Sorry but i liked him and rihanna better and im still hoping chris and Rih can work it out :(

  • Diana

    When chris and Rihanna took pictures together you could see the love in their eyes, body language. Chris & karate look like brother and sister in their pictures.

    • Mrsyoung6109


    • BB

      Maybe that’s better…maybe they’re actually friends that have stuff in common instead of violently passionate f&*k buddies.

  • Just sayin

    I’m sorry but no. I think she looks like a little boy with long hair. Physically she doesn’t have anything on Rihanna. Lol physically karreuche doesn’t have anything on me!

    • Nene_nelson4

      Karreuche looks nothing like a boy are we talking about the same girl, really to me you sound like a hater!! Im the type of person that gives credit when its due Rihanna is pretty and so is Karreuche, Him and riri had a steamy relashonship but there just not good for each other

    • Nene_nelson4

      you sound like a hater!!

      • TBarz365

        Hahahahaha! My Thoughts Exactly.

  • Rileysingingtheblues

    Personally I think karreuche is gorgeus and hott at the same time. In my opinion I don’t think rhianna should go back with him when he beat her black n blue and why would she anyways that just would be a painful memory. Go on with your life already (rhi)


    O, sure.  Everything’s all cutesy-wootsy now… until she fawks up and he gotta open up a fresh can.

    • Mrsyoung6109

      She ant ready for that yet lol

  • Mrsyoung6109

    They do look like real good friends she just not it

  • Culombo

    He still wants Rhianna-he can’t keep her off his mind nor out of his lyrics.

  • sookiie

    although I’m a sucker for cute couples getting back together(nick and jessica, justin and brittany, chris and rihanna) I’m alright with it as long as she stops dressing him lol just stick to being his girl hun…style isn’t your forte.

  • xhoneycolex

    sorry, but all these “happy couple” pics are old. They aren’t the happy couple everyone wants to pretend they are, when you see them together now they always look unhappy. Which is unfortunate. Karate is a cute girl, but its obvious he’s still checking for Rih & vice versa. None of us know the details of their relationship, but hopefully they fix some things so they can both be happy. Together or apart. I wouldn’t mind a Chris&Rih reunion though, lol. 

  • Lis

    I like her laid back look. She doesnt try too hard to look ‘pretty’ its jus natural

  • Lis

    I like her laid back style. She doesnt try too hard

  • Larma22

    they look like freinds and lovers he looks happy with her so idk rihanna?

  • Dest

    Please don’t name them cutest couple. This relationship is fake to me, he doesn’t really love her

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