Celebrity TwitPic Faceoff: Who’s TwitPic Was The Most Enticing This Past Week?

Some say that Twitter was the worst thing to happen to celebrities but we have to disagree! They share elements of their life with us that we would have never known before or even cared about. Whether its cool beauty shots or random fun with friends, celebrity Twitpics are an absolute favorite! This week we rounded up some cool celebrity Twitpics for a Twitpic Faceoff for you to be the judge! Check out the fun/foolery below…


Kim Kardashian’s Feet


“Loving my foot chain & anklet!”


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  • NevaOne

    do matter that the chain is on, her feet is still ugly. look at the bone structure. they look valcon looking. kim, you, your mother, and sisters even kendall and the other little pale face zlut needs to jump off a cliff! cant stand those smelly wholes

  • Just Me

    Her feet are ugly. wow