DIY Ombre & Funky Hair Color Without the Commitment! (Clip It In And Go!)

DIY Ombre & Funky Hair Color Without the Commitment! (Clip It In And Go!)

Not only are pastels and neons hot in your wardrobe, it turns out they’re even hotter in your hair. But who wants to try out colors not found in nature, and run the risk of all of your hair falling out from the 2-step process? And if your hair survives, is it worth losing your corporate job come Monday morning because your boss doesn’t think fuchsia hair sits well at a law firm? Yeah, we didn’t think so.


If you want to get in on the ombre craze, clip-ins are a no fuss option, and are easy to use. Beauty supply stores like the ones on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, N.Y. are perfect one-stop shops for DIY hair projects. When you walk in the door, you’re faced with every type of hair weave and product ever imaginable. But what’s cool is that there’s a number of colored human hair extensions to get your blue, red, or royal purple fix. And if you don’t find the exact color you’re looking for, grab a pack of blonde hair and saunter over to the hair dye aisle, grab some Jazzing (or Manic Panic if you’re narsty) and get to work.


Snap It!’s 2-Piece Clip-In Human Hair Extensions (for the record, we like human hair because you can curl it just like your own hair) are a great option, because you can just snap them in and right back out. You can be a rocker chick on Saturday, and then back to Brunette Brenda for the start of the work week. You can also grab a clip-in piece like Indique Hair’s Fishnet, and sandwich it between your own dark tresses, making sure to trim if needed. Or you can make your own pieces by either sewing or hot gluing wig clips to the bands.


If you want to rock bangs to add something extra to your short ‘do, try Design Lengths Bang Thing, sold at Sally Beauty Supply. Beauty school drop-outs? Certainly not us!


Are you digging the color blocking hair movement? If so, be inspired by a few celebs are loving it!