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zoekravitz-dope-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazerPhoto: Dope

Film festival season is the perfect time to look back at some of the best on screen styles we crushed hard on. We aren’t the first to take notice of these film style icons but with the a resurgence of 90’s influence in today’s fashion trends there’s no better time than now to revisit them.

Grunge style dresses, bombers and Mom jeans they’re all here! These icons are as relevant and covetable today as they were when they first hit the big screen.

Check out six of our favorite on screen style crushes killing it with a 90’s vibe.


JanetJackson-Justice-PoeticJustice-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazer-1Photo: Poetic Justice 1993 Columbia Pictures

John Singleton followed up Boyz n The Hood with Poetic Justice in 1993. A road trip turns into a love story where Justice [Janet Jackson] and Lucky [Tupac Shakur] fall in love. You can’t help but fall for her high waist jeans accentuating a slim waste and hour glass curves paired with a long sleeve cropped top. Casual and effortlessly sexy, it’s the perfect look for hitting the road or hanging out with your very own Lucky.


JanetJackson-Justice-PoeticJustice-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazer-3Photo: Poetic Justice 1993 Columbia Pictures

Update Justice’s oversize fluffy newsboy cap with a less exaggerated smaller size. Get a high waist pair of jeans with a tapered him and crop top with some visual interest and nice scoop neck to give a nod to Justice that isn’t so literal.


Poetic-Justic-shopping JJ Hat Center hat, jeans, American Apparel crop top.

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Film-fashion-90s-style-icon-mathilda-main-styleblazer-0Photo: Léon: The Professional 1994 Sony Pictures

It’s hard to believe Léon: The Professional had a gun toting tween orphan that befriends Léon, played by Natalie Portman. The chic bob, chokers and her character’s signature bomber are worthy of any grown ups wardrobe then and now. The scrappy New York character proves to be a master of mixing prints too.


Film-fashion-90s-style-icon-mathilda-main-styleblazer-2Photo: Léon: The Professional 1994 Sony Pictures

Try your hand at pattern play like Mathilda with a thin stripe short sleeve top and printed mini-skirt or shorts. Break out and old school choker on fabric to complete the bad-ass vibe.

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HelenaBonhamCarter-MarlaSinger-FightClub-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazer-1Photo: Fight Club 1999 20th Century Fox

If you know grunge, you get why Helena Bonham Carter in Fight Club makes this list. Vintage gowns, tattered prom dresses, shimmery sweaters and wool oversized most likely men’s coats were all a part of Marla’s kooky look.

Throw in the ultimate in bedhead with smeared black eye make-up and you might be reminded of Marc Jacobs dark, goth Fall 2016 collection or maybe Vera Wang’s glimmering gowns of black. Marla’s haphazard style of evening-in-the-day mix of high low with a who cares attitude and chunky heels feels like a blueprint for a dark downtown girl of today.


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.38.27 AMPhoto: Fight Club 1999 20th Century Fox

HelenaBonhamCarter-MarlaSinger-FightClub-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazer-3Photo: Fight Club 1999 20th Century Fox 

Fight Club’s final scene leaves a lasting impression with Marla in her shaggy mohair cardigan and sky high platform ankle boots. Get your own fuzzy jacket and pair with a cocktail dress then bring it all back to day with socks and chunky boots.


Marla-Singer-FightClub-shoppingAntik Batik cardigan, Modcloth dress, DBDK boots

The next actress was born with cool in her DNA that shows in all her roles.


zoekravitz-nakia-dope-crop-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazerPhoto: Dope 2015 Open Roads Films

Last year’s throwback movie Dope barely looked like a throwback at all. Just about all the outfits and even the main character’s high top fade seemed perfectly doable and being done right now. However it’s Zoë Kravitz as Nakia that hits the right mix of new-old school style.

The look is subtle and maybe that’s exactly what makes it so timeless. High denim shorts, slouchy sweatshirt, skinny belt, high top white Chucks and wayfarer sunglasses feels like a California girl’s must have uniform. A uniform worth stealing for yourself to create a comfy go-to weekend outfit.


zoekravitz-nakia-full-dope-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazerPhoto: Dope 2015 Open Roads Films

zoekravitz-nakia-2-dope-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazerPhoto: Dope 2015 Open Roads Films

Pick up a basic sweatshirt, the less fancy the better like one from Hanes, Champion or Alternative Apparel to let the high waist shorts be the star. Too hot for a sweatshirt or for a change of look do a plaid top in a fresh spring pastel instead.  Show a little midriff for a nod to the ever present 90’s crop top.



Champion sweatshirt, ASOS shorts, Current/ Elliot shirt.

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CatherinZetaJones-CharlieNicholson-HighFidelity-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazer-1Photo: High Fidelity 2000 Touchstone Pictures

High Fidelity is a guys version break up classic. Through John Cusack’s character we are introduced to a series of girlfriends one of which includes an acoustic guitar playing Lisa Bonet. We love Lisa but Catherine Zeta Jones as Charlie Nicholson left the strongest fashion impression.

Charlie evolves from an oversized band t-shirt wearing college girl to a something of a hipster/ early gentrifier – albeit deemed “awful” she certainly looks good while doing it. Hosting a dinner party she emerges as all things chic in a sheer duster, silky pants and heels.


CatherinZetaJones-CharlieNicholson-HighFidelity-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazer-3Photo: High Fidelity 2000 Touchstone Pictures

CatherinZetaJones-CharlieNicholson-HighFidelity-90's-style-film-fashion-styleblazer-2Photo: High Fidelity 2000 Touchstone Pictures

Dusters are far underrated but always around, usually turning up around festival season. But it’s Charlie’s unlikely dressed up dinner party version worth resurrecting. Try a duster or long button front dress to recreate the look. Keep a cool band t-shirt on hand to show just what style range a truly cool chick has.


Charlie-Nicholson-HighFideliy-shoppingReformation dress, Equipment pants, Trunk LTD T-shirt

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Film-fashion-90s-style-icon-dionne-clueless-styleblazer-1Photo: Clueless 1995 Paramount

Clueless is the stuff of shopping fantasies. While the style in the film captured a snap shot of 90’s micro minis, knee highs, babydoll blouses and a ton of shiny, fuzzy synthetic fabrics. And in the middle of it all was Dionne. Yes we all remember her matching plaid pleated skirt set but there was so much more to Dionne.

The micro-braids, which adorned with multicolor ribbon for that house party in the valley makes for festival worthy look of today along with a nose ring of course. But did you catch her bomber jacket outfit? The outfit is only seen for about 30 seconds and it’s just so good it withstands the test of time.


Film-fashion-90s-style-icon-dionne-clueless-styleblazer-2Photo: Clueless 1995 Paramount

Film-fashion-90s-style-icon-dionne-clueless-styleblazer-3Photo: Clueless 1995 Paramount

Dionne’s quilted bomber might be the fresh update to the everywhere black and olive bomber jackets that have taken off.  Blow everyone’s mind with a super luxe tattoo top and new mini-backpack and really slay today’s new/old 90’s vibe.


Dionne-Clueless-2-shoppingYour Neighbors bomber, Dries Van Noten top, Coach mini rucksack.

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