I Tried Thinx Underwear, Because I'm A Woman With A Period

I Tried Thinx Underwear, Because I’m A Woman With A Period

thinx review
One of the many Thinx ads found in New York Subway Stations

Thinx Review

I started using tampons in high school.

I preferred this option instead of doubling up on pads as if they’re diapers. My flow has always been on the heavy side, so it’s always been the green or orange options for me. The older I’ve gotten, the heavier its become. There have been times I’ve said, “c’mon son” —waking up to a stain on my bed with wearing a tampon and pad.

After several years wearing a specific tampon brand, I began having headaches, so I switched to pads. Although the design is slimmer, it still feels like I’m wearing diaper. So I wanted to try an alternative. Something that makes period days easier and sexier with underwear, why not try THINX?!

When a product claims it can keep you dry, and simplify those dark and dank days while still making you feel sexy… you’ve got my attention.

After seeing the cool ads throughout the city, I decided to try it myself.

I used the size chart guide to determine which size would work for me. Although my measurements matched up with a medium, I certainly could have gone down a size to a small. So my suggestion would be to go down one size. At first thought, the underwear is nothing your granny would wear. The lace details were a nice touch. Moreover, they were soft to the touch. This underwear is certainly an investment starting at around $30 a pair; but considering it’s purpose, it’s worth the cost. You can notice the crotch area is certainly multi-layered where it matters, but it doesn’t feel like a diaper.

I was going to try two options: the thong for light days and the hipster for heavy days. For day one, I opted for the thong and wore nothing else. I was really worried about residue, but it absorbed everything. My only concerned was the sizing, a medium fit my waist; however, there was excessive bunching in the seat area.

Another thing I noticed was there was not a smell, something I was certainly concerned about. Wearing one pair of underwear with some extra something on it isn’t ideal, so this was certainly a thumbs up. When I got home, I followed the washing instructions, which is just to hand wash and line dry. For day 1 so far, so good.

But ladies, we all know D-DAY is always DAY 2. Yes in caps. I wore the hipster on a day when I worked a 9-hour shift, knowing I’d be on my feet most of the day. The hipster, which is intended for heavy flow, has two tampons worth of protection. I went back and forth about wearing a tampon and decided not to. If I was going to try it, I was going to fully commit. However, considering I go through about 5 tampons (super, the orange one) on my heaviest day, maybe I should have worn backup. After 3 hours, I resorted to wearing a pad for the rest of my shift. I gotta say it was not the most prettiest thing to see. If I had to guess this is what women went through during the dark ages. I think THINX survived as much as it could as it certainly absorbed a lot of the flow and there was not a smell! However, considering how heavy my flow is and that I had 6 more hours in my shift, I gave in. Washing the underwear when I got home was certainly easy, but daunting when I saw how much the underwear truly absorbed. If my flow wasn’t so heavy, it would have been the ideal situation.

*I’m now on the pill which should help with the myriad of issues I experience, including heavy flow*

In hindsight, I’d love to try THINX again, in a smaller size in conjunction with another alternative on my heavy days, like natural tampons. If you’re considering using THINX and you have an extra heavy flow during the first half of your period, certainly opt to wearing something else as well. In addition, considering going down one size for a snug fit. Remember there is elastic so it will eventually stretch!

Overall I think this is a great product servicing a great need, offering a healthier alternative than what is currently out there.

Thinx Review