Meet Fashion's Curly Hair Color Chameleon: Nell Kalonji

Meet Fashion’s Curly Hair Color Chameleon: Nell Kalonji

Nell-Kalonji-@blenderstreetstylePhoto: @blenderstreetstyle

Amongst the throngs of models, editors, bloggers, there’s someone you may have missed in street style. But once you see this star you’ll wonder how could you have missed her! London-based stylist and AnOther Magazine fashion editor Nell Kalonji is the bright spot of street style with her latest bold blue do. Bonus: she showing color can work for curls too!


Pinterest-Nell-Kalonji-bluehair.jpgPhoto: Pinterest

Pastel hair on the likes of Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne and even Rihanna a few years back ushered in the wave of pastel hair as fashionable. Now, bright colors are high fashion. As goth and grunge styles experience a resurgence, so have the Kool-Aid reds, greens, and blues amongst the bleachy pastels. Kalonji proves bold colors and fashion go hand-in-hand even if you aren’t an off duty model headed to an underground warehouse party.


@Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-NellKalonjiPhoto: @le21eme

Blue isn’t her first venture in hair color either. Fears of losing curl, compromising texture or overall hair health be damned Kalonji has had shades of pink and purple too. Curly girls (myself included) need not fear color! I predict a green, maybe a mint green as Kalonji’s next hue.

Kalonji attending shows with fellow editors with bright colored hair, Dazed Senior fashion Editor, Emma Wyman (above).