Is Color Correcting Really Worth The Hype? [Watch Video]

Is Color Correcting Really Worth The Hype? [Watch Video]

Let’s start off by saying that I am no makeup guru.

I’m the type of girl who watches numerous hours of YouTube tutorials on “contouring for beginners,” goes to the store to pick out new tools and then lets them sit on the floor of my room. When I heard I was going to be able to test out this new jam of a product called Sephora + PANTONE UNIVERSE Correct + Conceal Palette, I just thought “but why?”

This palette —that comes in two tones— is filled with different color correction hues, and SURPRISE, it even doubles as a concealer. I know, wild. The consistency is very creamy to the touch, so if you were on the drier skin side, it would be better for you. However, people who tend to have more oily skins might have to invest in a good setting powder to put over this product and then, well of course, BAKE IT. Like I said before, I’m pretty much a basic b**ch when it comes to makeup. If you’re one of those people who love to mix your foundations, then this product is definitely for you.

For those of you with uneven pigmentation and multicolored skin, this product is ideal. But, not everyone NEEDS color correction.

If you feel like your dark circles or sports are an issue, then you would absolutely get to color correcting. But, if you have an all around pretty evenly colored face, stick to your normal routine, save yourself the time.

For those who lose numerous hours of sleep a night accidentally watching your ex-boyfriends Snapchats who have a fair to tan complexion, I would recommend the Orange-y salmon tones to cancel your “blue” seeping through your skin. For redness and imperfections that usually show, I would recommend the “greener yellower” and so on and so forth going in the color wheel.

Overall, learn the color wheel. Color choices vary by skin tone.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Make sure when applying the product that you apply it sheerly. Dabbing is the best way to evenly distribute. I mean God forbid you sweep and it drags lines all over your face. Then you did the opposite of what the point of the product is supposed to do and you learned nothing from this article. Always remember, less is more.

All in all this is a pretty dope product. This is a palette I would definitely recommend to a MUA or friend who’s not afraid to try serious makeup techniques.

Overall, job well done Sephora.

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