Getting Married? Here Are 6 Wedding Day Footwear Options

Getting Married? Here Are 6 Wedding Day Footwear Options

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Here comes the bride! Flowers? Check. Photographer? Check. Shoes? Ahh, well lucky we’re here to help.

If you haven’t managed to get the wedding day footwear to go with that gorgeous dress, fear not, here at StyleBlazer we could talk about shoes for days and days.

Wearing non-matching shoes under a wedding dress has been somewhat of a trend for years. Brides purposefully wear bright or contrast shoes which can be unveiled on the dance floor later; a peek-a-boo if you will. It adds a little fun during those wedding jitters, and best of all you can re-wear again and again! Hurrah!

If you’re stuck for inspiration, look no further. We have rounded up six pairs of envy-inducing shoes to brighten up your already stunning day! Warning, these shoes are lust-worthy and may cause a protest to be thrown instead of the bouquet.

Browse through our favorite statement shoes below.

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