Celebrity Lookalikes: 8 Celebs Who Look Like They Could Be Blood Relatives

Celebrities try their best to stand out from the crowd. They love crafting an individual look and style. But some celebs, no matter how hard they try, remind us of other A-listers. In spite of sharing none of the same DNA, some entertainers look so much alike, you’d swear they’re related. It’s hard to believe they’re not siblings or long lost cousins. Check out 8 celebrities who look like they could be related.


Yvette & Sherri

Real life friends Yvette Nicole Brown and Sherri Shepherd are both funny ladies who always joke about how they’re mistaken for one another. Side by side photos make it clear why they’re doppelgangers.



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  • KikiCanDoIt

    Alicia Keys was a stretch, but Terry and Holly always looked exactly alike..wow

  • kitty

    shakira and beyonce DO NOT look alike …its just beyonce always copying someones else moves!

    • Kenedy

      I agree, they look nothing alike. Beyonce’s weave just happened to match Shakira’s hair, & they were both wearing similar outfits. Besides that, nothing alike.

      • doinme

        they did look alike in the video

        • doinme

          well let me rephrase that VERY SiMiLAR

    • http://hizzandherzorganics.com/ nelson

      OR BETTER YET, they did a video together where the point was FOR THEM TO LOOK LIKE ONE ANOTHER. That is what this pick is from, the Beautiful Liar video. AND in it they do favor. Other than that, they don’t!!

  • Trisha_B

    Khole & Chyna >>>> i feel is disrespectful. Chyna is a man -__- & Beyonce don’t look like Shakira smh. Nicki Minaj & Chaka Khan should be on here. They must be related or something b/c Nicki looks like she could be Chaka’s daughter lol

  • Justin

    I would say Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry. Those 2 look like twins.

    • Geniafenner

      I agree I was confused when the tv show first came out I was like isn’t  that Katy Perry

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    don’t even try it…ya reachin with the Beyonce looks like Shakira…she thieves from her..but thye ain’t twinsies!

  • Guestie

    Y’all forgot Will Smith & Robert Horry, rapper Big K.R.I.T. & Tracey Morgan, Snoop Dogg & Clyde Drexler and Evelyn (from Bball Wives) & that old Taco Bell dog.

  • Harli

    Justin, look at Zooey Deschanel, Emily Blunt, and Katy Perry. That is just WEIRD to see. And as strange as it is, Beyonce and Shakira have always looked alike to me. I told my Mom that a few months before Beautiful Liar came out, and she freaked out when she saw the VMAs in 06. lol.

  • Pretty02

    Zooey Deschanel and katy perry

  • Mrsoffica1

    Don’t forget about Kyle Richards and Demi Moore

  • Phatkat8504

    omar n mike certainly look like brothers n terry n holly could go for twins

    • http://hizzandherzorganics.com/ nelson

      I agree! These are the best comparisons of them all. Chyna looks more like Kris Kardashian than Kloe’. She (Chyna) also looks like Renee’ from Mob Wives.

  • Bob61

    Helen Hunt and LeeLee Sobieski.

  • SunnyOne

    Alicia Keys & Lena Horne look alike, in Lena’s young days.