5 Things I Learned From Working Behind A Makeup Counter

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Sahily Perez

Since the day I discovered my love for makeup, I knew that I wanted to become a makeup artist. After spending countless hours attending workshops, watching videos, and practicing on anyone that would lend me their face, I finally landed a position as a freelance makeup artist for a prominent cosmetics company.

This was a big deal for me because as a self-taught artist, I thought I would need formal training to get this job. Somehow I pulled it off in a series of three interviews and when I was offered the position, I literally cried. Being accepted into this team was a life goal for me and I couldn’t wait to kick-start my career.< I ended up spending two years behind and around every corner of the makeup counter. While I honed down on my makeup technique, such as how to make a winged liner that is razor sharp, I learned more than just about makeup. This experience taught me so much about cosmetics, people, and the beauty industry as a whole.

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