Who Blazed It Better: Katy Perry vs Kim Kardashian in Roland Mouret Flounce Tail Annabelle Dress

As many designers as there are out there with an endless supply of designs, somehow celebrities still wind up strutting the same stuff.  Whether it’s pure coincidence or straight up style stealing, a girl wants what a girl wants.  And what celebrity girls seem to want is Roland Mouret’s Annabelle dress from the spring/summer 2012 collection.

The flounce tail sheath dress has fit the forms of Katy Perry, back in late February for the Cali launch of her eyelash line; and then Kim Kardashian for her April 6th appearance on the Today show.  They only wore slightly different versions of the dress, colorblocked blue and full turquoise respectively, but totally made it their own.

But before you decided who wore it best, check out each lady’s complete look in their Roland Mouret Annabelle dress.



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