The New Catwalk Queens: 12 Brown Models You Need to Know (Chanel & Joan aren’t the Only Legs Ripping The Runway!)

The journey to super model status is a long and windy road. Being discovered, signed and added to a popular agency’s roster, doesn’t guarantee your success—luck, timing and the relevancy of your look do. And for colored faces, the odds of winning are even slimmer. But there’s something about the silhouette of a lithe brown beauty cascading down a designer runway, decorated in couture fashion, that certifies why we deserve a permanent spot on the catwalk.

We applaud designers like Hermès, Bottega Veneta and Naeem Khan for sprinkling their F/W 2012 presentations with brown and yellow faces—the runway has not seen this much diversity since the seventies—hopefully the multicultural trend is here to stay.

Veronica Webb, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Alek Wek, paved the way for the new brown girls to shine, meet 12 ethnic models you need to know now!



Sessilee Lopez



 “If my mother wasn’t behind me, I would not be this far in my career.”


Known For: Pout, Hair, Legs

Designer Runways: Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy

Editorials: Vogue, Times T Style, i-D

Hometown: New York, NY



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  • Cj

    Simply flawless ladies! Joan Smalls is one of my very fave’s tho. It’s really a shame that when an attempt is made recognize black models no love is shown. I guess only stereotypical “video models” get love these days. 

  • Fganders

    Wow….. I am overwhelmed by these women….  black is soooooooooooo beautiful….

  • Mee

    That Ajak Deng is GAWJUS!!! WOW!

  • Tony

    What about Roberta Narciso, Sharam Diniz…Gorgeoussssssssssss gals!!!

  • Love Spell

    Black is Beautiful sho nuff!

  • Sheryl Prince

    Where the heck is Jordan Dunn and Joan Smalls?  Those two were probably the most in demand Black models this past fashion season.

  • Iamstyl

    OMG Ms. Deng is one of the most beautiful women. She is like a gorgeous alien that is too perfect looking to be human. I literally gasped when I saw that Juneil Williams was from Kingston, Jamaica. That is also my birth place and I am sooooooo proud that the beauty from my homeland is represented by this gorgeous woman. I am so happy for her and I will definitely follow her. I am so happy that I am a brown girl and that I have these women to look up to and not the trash that is thrown in my face by the mainstream media. Many blessings to Ms. Deng, Ms. Williams and all the other beautiful black girls!

  • seaki ache’

    one word,…………..FINALLY!!!!!!! our skin just makes brings garments TO LIFE!!!!! THESE GIRLS ARE GGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAWWWWWJJUSSSSS!!!!

  • Sassynhot

    Gorgeous women.  #4 reminds me of a young Naomi, but #11 should make it to supermodel status.

  • Shiron

    Black beauty–I love it! 

  • Kesha Chisholm

    Love this! I guess black is the new “black”. lol.

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