The Bags We're Taking To The Beach This Summer

The Bags We’re Taking To The Beach This Summer


beach bags
beach bags

Photo: Shutterstock

We can hear the Hamptons calling! Pack the sunscreen, that new bikini and your favorite shades; it’s officially summer! However, we must ask, what are you carrying your essentials in exactly? Oh you’re looking for a beach bag? Brilliant! You’re in the right place.

There are a range of chic beach bags available at present and we cannot wait to get a kaftan to match!

From classy straw totes, to nautical stripes to channel your inner sailor, it’s going to be a tough decision as to which one makes it into your #travelgram post! Beach bags don’t have to break the bank either, there are plenty of affordable options for you to choose from.

Scroll through our gallery of beach bags below to be inspired. Happy summer!

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