BUSTED! 7 Celebs Spotted Rerunning The Same Pieces Over and Over Again

  • Guest

    Okay. I’ve never posted before but just had to this time.

    GET REAL! You are talking about pieces that cost thousands of dollars. Are you really dogging someone for carrying a 20K Burken bag more than once?

  • Tweety_girl

    this article is really stupid! if they wear it over its their own they could wear it more than 1s! get over it!!

  • brittany

    Ok so they wasted a whole article complaining about the same accessories more than once smh

  • Trisha_B

    So i’m guessing the editor of this post doesn’t repeat anything? :/ Get out of here. If i pay money for something, i’m gonna use it/wear it/rock it as much times as I want! No matter how much it cost

  • http://twitter.com/CozmikSlop THE Phaedra

    Ummm, I guess since they’re “celebrities” they’re excluded from being human and wearing articles of clothing or accessories more than once, huh???

  • Dest

    I thought this article meant they constantly wear the same thing. I mean jay’s hat is him representing NY so what! But turns out everyone else only wore accessories a couple times, you cant reuse something you spent a lot of money on?

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