The Minimalistic Collection Guaranteed To Step Up Your Summer Top Knot

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Jade Leach

When it comes to perfecting a bomb summer look, there’s a good chance most of your effort goes into creating an A1 outfit rather than fixing your hair. Simply because basic hairstyles are so much easier to achieve – messy braids, side swoops and the always preferred classic top knot.

And now, thanks to one of the beauty industry’s most famed celebrity hair stylists, the nostalgic hairstyles we all love are about to get a modern update (one that conveniently coordinates with any summer fit, btw!). Teaming up with jewelry retailer, Chloe + Isabel, Jen Atkin – you know, the stylist who’s worked magic on heads like Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian – has released a collection of hair accessories fit for today’s ‘It Girl.’

The 13-piece range features chic pins, bun cuffs and 90s-inspired barrettes, all available in six modern metal variations – rose gold, gold, silver, hematite, shiny silver and shiny gold. And to make matters even better, each piece’s versatility brings out the beauty in any and every type of hair texture (something we can all appreciate!).

Check out some of our favorite pieces from the collection ahead, accompanied with their affordable price points.

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