Very Necessary Summer Makeup Advice For Oily Skin

Very Necessary Summer Makeup Advice For Oily Skin

Photo: Ale of Styled by Ale
Photo: Ale of Styled by Ale


Remember the good old days when your summer beauty routine only involved getting your hair braided and putting on layer after layer of Avon Skin So Soft (this was allegedly a means to repel mosquitos)?

Then all of a sudden you’re an adult with imperfect skin, and now you have to do a full overhaul on your beauty regimen for the hot months. Some girls are lucky, and they can just swap out their foundation for a tinted moisturizer and go on with their lives. But what if you are oily, and those just don’t work for you? What if you need more coverage, and don’t want to sweat your whole face off?

We consulted with some experts, and tested some things out to find out what we should do to stay beat when it’s deathly hot out.

We talked to New York based professional makeup artist Tara Lauren, beauty and lifestyle influencer Ale of Styled by Ale, and Alba of SunKissAlba who is a Non-toxic beauty and lifestyle influencer.  Lastly we got prime medical advice on the science behind oily skin, and how to properly treat it from the inside out from Atlanta-based dermatologist Dr. Sherrie-Ann Straughn, MD.

The Concealer Method

IMG_3796Photo: Gemma Fleming

New York-based makeup artist Tara Lauren recommends spot treatments using only concealer on your blemishes. “Use concealer in areas needed, and blend out,” she says. “This way you are getting the coverage you need without all the product.” She recommends Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème and NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand.

Ale media photoPhoto: Styled by Ale

“My favorite trick when I don’t want a full face of makeup is using concealer,” says Ale of Styled by Ale. “I recommend the SheaMoisture Crème Concealer – not only is it long wearing (up to 12 hrs), but it’s also creamy and very easy to blend. By creating an upside triangle underneath your eyes, this will help cover up most of the redness and discoloration on your face, giving the appearance of an even skin tone. For any other blemishes around your face, simply dab a little bit of concealer and blend. I promise you, this will be your go to ‘get ready fast’ look. Let concealer be your best friend. It covers enough without having to do a full face of makeup!”

Prep, Prime, and Finish


“When it’s significantly hot out, I apply very light makeup with minimal products and avoid liquid foundations,” says Alba of SunKissAlba. “I apply a mineral SPF cream, and go for a gel-like primer that isn’t oil based or luminous. For foundation, I switch to a powdered foundation like SheaMoisture’s. This helps my makeup look fresh and natural without the icky sticky feeling of melting makeup!”

Photo: Ale of Styled by Ale
Photo: Ale of Styled by Ale


“When it’s hot outside, make sure to never skip your primer as this will help lock in your foundation longer, especially when the sun is beaming,” says Ale of Styled by Ale. “I also like to stick with matte products. I like to use the SheaMoisture Mineral Powder Foundation for a matte finish, which also provides medium to full coverage”

Capture 1Photo:
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Per the good folks over at Sephora, if you have a good primer, and a good setting spray, you can basically still do a full face even when it’s hot out, if that’s your jam. Although, it is preferable to use products that don’t contain any oil.

Hourglass Veil goes on like silk, whereas some of the others we tried felt dry to the touch as soon as they went on our faces.

Capture 2Photo: De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

We tested this one out in the heat of both Jamaica and Atlanta, and it was amazing how well it worked. Makeup stayed in place and we remained relatively matte throughout the day.

Capture 3Photo: Estēe Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

One thing about older makeup companies, their darker shades are A1 for brown girls. Not only was the color a great match, but the finish was amazing.

Skin Care

Photo: Alba of SunKissAlba
Photo: Alba of SunKissAlba


“If you have existing blemishes and you’d like to reduce their visibility, I suggest treating your blemishes with natural solutions instead of relying on hiding behind makeup that may contribute to more blemishes,” says Alba. “My most trusted long time remedy has been using raw Aloe Vera gel on my skin at night after cleansing with tea tree soap. Aloe Vera will reduce inflammation and redness on the skin, therefor making your blemishes and pores appear much smaller the next day. Another tip is using tea tree oil as a spot treatment overnight. If you do this consistently, in combination with avoiding sugar and drinking more H2O, you should see improvement, as I have. It really works when you also focus on what you’re consuming internally.”

stock image- Photo: Bryon Summers for StyleBlazer
Photo: Bryon Summers for StyleBlazer


“Think of your face like an actual oil well,” said Dr. Sherri-Ann Straughn, MD. “You can clean the oil on the surface, but you aren’t going to be able to stop the well from pumping on the surface. Hence, the most effective method for oil control is hormone therapy, because our hormones are what control our body’s oil production. This is going under the surface to the oil well. It’s also important to look at the kind of birth control you take, because they alter your hormones. Some can help treat acne, and some can make it worse. So consult with your doctor about choosing a birth control that works for both.”

A few additional tips from her:
1. Loose powder is better than pressed powder when it comes to makeup. Lighter products are ideal such as: Origins, and Bare Essentials.
2. Stay away from makeup wipes. They seem like a good idea, and they’re very convenient, but many of them contain oil.

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