StyleBlazer Survey: Is Fashion Racist?

StyleBlazer Survey: Is Fashion Racist?

It’s impossible not to adore Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn’s beautiful brown faces.  We stumbled upon this image and the heading made a powerful statement: Is Fashion Racist?

Speak out StyleBlazers. We need to hear from you on this one!

  • TheBell

    Yes! It most definitely is. The industry it self is, movie, fashion, beauty, and TV. Anything that has to do with marketing an person of color! SMDH @ what people think. Why is it so important to care what another thinks? I don't wake up in the morning planning what I am going to ware or if I should but on makeup or not, based on caring what another person might think! I think NOT! black should keep on doing just what they are doing because it is well know that non blacks try to take the style, fashion sense, swag, flavor…and everything else that they create! and try to call it there own!

  • Anonymous

    When considering the history of the fashion world and where haute fashion stems from coupled with the fact that this is an industry that is heavily based on appearance…the conclusion is obvious. But there are many designers and other people in the world of fashion that do not discriminate. So, don't ever be discouraged if your rub shoulders with a cruel person or even get turned away from a job because of your race! We have to continue to work hard and knock on every door until one opens so that future generations won't have to. Hard work on our part will begin to make articles such as this one have to purpose.