Even Great Hairstyles Need A Break: 7 Celeb's We Would Love To See Switch Their Mane

Even Great Hairstyles Need A Break: 7 Celebs We Would Love To See Switch Their Mane

Change can be a good thing, but these celebrities prefer to go with the motto, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” when it comes to their hair. While most of us girlies like to switch up our hair ever so often, these starlets rarely, if ever, change their mane in a pop world where most celebs are on a constant quest to redefine themselves.  We’re not saying we’re over it, but we would love to see these ladies switch it up a lil and keep us on our toes! What do you think StyleBlazer?





 The shaven head swag girl likes to keep her avant garde hair black and with deep waves, which is cute, but maybe a bolder color can take it even further.

Kim Kardashian


 Okay, outside of that video she was planning on releasing, Kim’s hair is usually kept simple. Beautiful as it is, we would love to see her play with some different everyday styles.


Evelyn Lozada

Reality’s TV bad girl, Evelyn usually keeps her hair parted and worn on her shoulders. How about a cut Ev?



 Queen Bee does play around with textures and may even play with some styles for red carpet appearances, however, Bey’s hair usually looks like this. Always nice, but we are sure she’s ready for a more permanent change.


Nene Leakes


 When Nene debuted this new look years ago, she upgraded her regular weave for a more appropriate hairstyle of a “Very Rich” woman. But now it’s been a couple of years, Nene, switch it up.


Kelly Rowland


Kelly has a hairstyle and usually sticks to it for years (remember those red highlights she was wearing in her early DC days), but now we think Kelly can change it up a little and perhaps play more with color.




Ciara’s ombre’ed hair is gorge we have to admit, but the middle parted style she’s usually donning is taking away from an excellent color job. Play with texture Ci-Ci!

  • Divanerd

    If the style works for them, why should they change it? Just to please you?  Some of those looks were never working from the start, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Justsayin

    Hmmmmm—looks to me that all 7 out of 8 has to do is tell the Clydesdale horses in the back of the salon that; their services (tails) will no longer be needed!

    Problem solved!!

  • Guest

    I agree with this list 100000%… im especially tired of Beyonce’s hair… I don’t think Kelly Rowland should be on this list though

  • chocolate

    Kelly shouldnt be on here. she changed her hairsyle a lot. From red to honey blonde to balck to mixed hair colors to short, long, asymetrical to bob,

  • Liz

    I disagree with this list…  I think that all of these ladies look great… Well, except for Ciara’s hair.  Sorry Ci Ci, but I just don’t like that look!

  • oj9561


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