Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Strands In The Summer

Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Strands In The Summer

stock image- Photo: Bryon Summers for StyleBlazer
Photo: Bryon Summers for StyleBlazer


Every season brings weather changes that affect more than your personal style, but your beauty routine too.

When it comes to hair in the summer, it’s all about protecting your strands from the damaging effects of the sun. No one wants to have frazzled hair to pair with their polka dot bikini, but a lustrous mane is definitely sought after.

Luckily, keeping your strands protected and healthy when the sun is at it’s brightest isn’t very hard to do, as long as you take the proper precautions.

Scroll though to check out our favorite products and tips for blazin’ summer strands!

hair spfClarins Sun Care Oil Spray

The sun can dry out your tresses, especially if you have fragile hair from coloring and over-processing. Before heading out to catch some rays (even if it’s minimal sun exposure), make sure to protect your hair and scalp with an SPF spray.

NMD137C_auPhoto: Neiman Marcus

One up your hair protection while you are out in the sun by covering your head with a hat. A large brim hat will protect your hair and sun from those pesky UV rays, plus you’ll look like to a total babe in floppy hat.

s1270065-main-LheroBumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo

The sun shines bright in the summer, making you prone to perspiration. This is about to get gross, but the combination of sweat and product build-able is a recipe for gunky and stinky hair. It’s important to keep your hair squeaky clean in the summer to prevent it from becoming funky, ya know? Just make sure to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that won’t dry out your strands.

finesseFinesse Max Keratin Treatment

The elements are not always your friend. Things like salt water and chlorine can have a negative effect on your hair. Treat your tresses to weekly TLC session that includes a deep conditioner. For hair that is dry a dull, try a conditioner with Keratin. This protein helps to strengthen strands for healthy looking hair.

indexOrgani Organic Raw Coconut Oil

By now you know that coconut oil is a miracle product in the beauty world. Its hydrating properties make it a natural leave-in treatment to rehab dry strands from deep within the hair shaft. If your hair is need of help, apply a dime size amount of coconut oil onto damp hair. Once your hair is dry, you feel a silky difference.

2298742Redken Beach Envy Wave Aid

During the summer months, try to breakup with your styling tools. The heat from tools like your blow dryer can cause breakage to already fragile hair. If the thought of air drying your hair brings a puffy head of hair to mind, don’t freak out. Air drying your hair is more than just letting your strands dry au naturel, it’s all about your technique. For beachy waves, make sure to apply a style product to your strands first to tame the frizz, then secure your hair into a large braid for lovely loose waves upon release.

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