Travel-Approved Weekender Bags For Your Next Summer Vacay

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Jade Leach

If there’s one thing more exciting than indulging in your favorite summer trends, taking as many mini vacations this season would have to be at the top of the list. And once you’ve picked a location, booked a hotel and practiced your favorite Instagram pose, the only other smart move to make is investing in the perfect weekender bag.

Whether you prefer a roomy duffel, classic backpack or even an oversized tote, the truth of the matter is: your ideal weekender bag should last you a significant amount of time. After all, the difficulty of navigating wheels anywhere should be enough to make you opt for a more convenient luggage piece STAT!

Ahead you’ll find a few of our favorite weekender bag options spacious enough to make your next vacation a #travelGOALS moment.

Photo: Instagram // @theroyalnative

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