I Fried My Hair With Bleach And Here's How I Fixed It

I Fried My Hair With Bleach And Here’s How I Fixed It

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For Forest Gump, life is like a box of chocolates. For me, life is like a box of crayons.

I believe in living a colorful life and I don’t shy away from using every color of the rainbow. Color is a form of self expression and I love to put it on my hair. With the help of my hair stylist, I transform my hair every 8 weeks with a hair new color.

To give you some background on my recent hair history, my hair is naturally dark brown. In October of 2015 I decided to strip my hair to a pale blonde to achieve the ever so popular grey hair look. I slayed this look for a few months, but that was just the beginning of my color journey. Since then I’ve experimented with blue, magenta, violet, pink and grey. Each one of my color afflictions has required bleaching because I have dark hair naturally. As you probably know, bleach strips the natural pigment out of hair and is pretty abrasive.

It’s been a fun ride enjoying life in all of these shades, but shortly after my most recent bleaching session, I realized something disturbing. The signs that things were taking a turn for the worse started to appear, but I tried to ignore them. When I would wash my hair, clumps of hair would fall off, but I justified this as normal shedding.

What I noticed next was a total game changer.

IMG_4563Photo: StyleBlazer courtesy of Sahily Perez


One day I realized that my strands weren’t long enough to secure in the pony. I was devastated to see that most of the hair along my hair line had ripped. This is when I went into full blown crisis mode. I sounded the alarm and knew it was time to put a halt on being blonde. It was time for operation hair rescue to start.

Here’s how that went down:

Bye-Bye Blonde Locks- I don’t believe that blondes have more fun, but I still loved being a blonde. My hair on the other hand didn’t share the same passion with me. My ashy tresses require a very specific care commitment, as well as frequent touch-ups that put a lot of stress on my already weak hair. I took a final icy blonde selfie and closed that chapter of my hair story. Then, I made an appointment with my stylist. I thought I would have to go back to a tradition hair color, but my stylist ensured me that anything that deposited color into my hair would be safe. So, I transitioned to purple hair instead. This color is still fun, but it doesn’t require any bleaching.

Remove The Damage- Even my stylist was surprised to see where my hair had ripped. She assessed the damage and to my surprise, I didn’t have to sacrifice too much length. Instead, she removed the damage by giving me a textured lob. I thought loosing a few inches of hair would be devastating, but I’m totally cool with it and actually love my new lived-in hair.

Say “No” to tight Pony Tails- I admit I was wearing my hair up far too often. I did a little research and found a special type of hair ring that doesn’t damage hair. Quite honestly it looks like a key chain to me, but it doesn’t snag my hair, so it’s safe to use.

Committing To Giving My Hair Some Good, Good Lovin’- I’ve had to commit to a serious TLC regimen for my hair. This routine includes a deep conditioning treatments once a week. I like to switch between It’s a 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin and Kendra Revive Treatment, which are heavy duty hair masques that penetrate deep into my hair to bring it back to life. To continue to add moisture to my hair regularly, I put in to a few drops of coconut oil on my ends every other day.

IMG_6456Photo: StyleBlazer courtesy of Sahily Perez


Using a Wet Brush- Hair is very weak when it’s wet and when you add damaged hair to the mix, brushing can be devastating. Instead of using a regular brush, I switched it out for a Wet Brush instead.

Cut Back On the Heat Styling- I love to blow dry and curl my hair, but I’ve reserved my hot tools for special occasions only to prevent further damage. Instead, I now apply a Redken styling cream to hair and allow my hair to air dry in a few loose braids. When I release the braids, I still get a nice lived in look, without having to take any chances with the integrity of my stands.

As the child of a hairstylist, one thing I learned from my mom is that hair always grows back. While my hair isn’t as healthy as it was a year ago, I don’t regret all of the colors I have experimented with in the last year. They’ve allowed me to live life through a technicolor lens and I’ve gotten some killer Instagram pics in these colors.

However, as fun as it has been, I will be taking a break from the color madness until further notice.

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