10 Makeup Inspired Tattoos That We're Diggin'

10 Makeup Inspired Tattoos That We’re Diggin’

Screen-Shot-2016-07-23-at-7.47Photo: @art.tattoos


There are two types of women in the word: Women who like makeup and women who live for makeup.

For the beauty obsessed, makeup is more than just a bunch of beauty products, it’s a creative outlet. So how does a beauty aficionada show her love for beauty to the world?

She gets blazin’ beauty body art!

Scroll through to peep some of our favorite makeup inspired tattoos from around the world.


Seriously, how cute is this piece?


What do you get when you mix mermaids and lipstick? This badass tat!


We’ve seen quite a few finger tattoos, but this one is hands down one of our faves.


Tiny tattoos are trending and this pint-sized lipstick is simply adorable!


Red lipstick is a girl’s best friend.


The bright colors of this beauty tattoo make it totally dreamy.


We can’t get enough of this traditional makeup inspired tattoo!


If you keep up with Nikkie’s YouTube channel, you know that she’s obsessed with lashes. What a better way to show your love for falsies than getting a tattoo of them.


Slay is the perfect word to describe this tat.


The details in these pieces is incredible and we love the watercolor drips!

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