Workout Wednesday: Throw This In Your Gym Bag ASAP

Workout Wednesday: Throw This In Your Gym Bag ASAP

Sphynx 3The Moisture
Sphynx 2The Lather

Outside of luxury gyms, the average communal space to work out doesn’t supply shavers and gel by the showers.

But that doesn’t eliminate the need to do a quick shave on any given part of the body, once you’ve finished breaking a sweat. For that, we recently tried the Sphynx razor.

The circular device is essentially a 3-in-one travel razor that allows you to get a smooth shave, at any time. Housed in a compact and discreet case, it has a refillable water case, all-natural shea butter moisturizing bar and two razors —just in case one goes dull or you want to keep the areas of shaving separate.


Sphynx 1The Shaver
Sphynx 4The Case

It’s simple: You spray, you lather with the shea infused bar, shave, and then close— making sure the spray is adjusted to the top.

From a first hand account, it genuinely leaves skin smooth and doesn’t have that weird non-shower shave/dry feel. Definitely something worth throwing in the gym bag.

To find out more about the Sphynx razor or shop it, head here.

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