Hair Accessories For New Summer Hair

Hairstyles And Hair Accessories For The Next Heat Wave


Summer is in full swing and it certainly can get pretty hot out there.

Most days call for taking it easy on the hair styling. Messy buns, beachy waves and fun braids are what summer is all about. This isn’t the time to fuss with high maintenance hairdos, this is the time to put it up, pull it back or tie it down.

You can also refresh your summer hairstyles with the latest hair accessories you can find right here!


@stephaniedrenka_rebel-barrettePhotos: @shopbando

This season is the best time to break out hair pins, barrettes, head-wraps and more for styles that keep hair up and out of the way or under control in a more fashionable way. These trendy hair accessories also add some visual interest along with function to simple hot weather hairstyles likes buns and top knots while making cornrows, fishtail and even french braids A-game festival worthy.

Head to the next page to see the best summer hairstyles and summer hair accessories to buy and try when it’s hot out. 

@cherdoeshair_bun_sylvainlehen_horsehoeSylvain Le Hen hairpin, $70,
Photo: @cherdoeshair

Horseshoe pins are the heavy lifters for up-dos, think of it as a bobby pin on steroids. Work the pin just right and you can keep the thickest, longest hair in place. The thicker the prongs the better the hold.

Horshoe-hairpinMane Message hairpins, $23 and $25 each,


Hold a braid, top knot or bun in place with a snazzy enamel barrette like these instead of just a regular old hair tie. These larger style barrettes work well for half-up, half-down styles too!


@dreamcollective_barrettes-stillsDream Collective barrettes, $26-$45 each,
Photos: @dreamcollectivestudio

fanmdjanm-headwrapFanm Djanm head wrap, $28,

Summer is a great time to wear a head wrap. These breathable fabrics can be tied like a turban  or statement making fanciful knot or bow. Leave a little hair out for move of a headband feel or be bold and cover your hair completely with something much prettier than a baseball cap.


Icing-turbanIcing turban, $15,

Johnny Loves Rosie ball hairband, $17,

You remember these from grade school? I certainly do! I used to call them click-clacks and they were the best for all my multi-ponytail and braid kiddie hairstyles. Scale it back to just one to adorn a casual, grown up summer ponytail.


SaskiaDiezWOOD-hair-bandsSaskia Diez hairbands, $15 each,

ErinDiane-hairpin-bunholderErin Diane bun holder, $175,

Another throwback! You may recall bun holders from back in the day that were usually leather with a wooden stick with a ball on the end. Now modernized in sleek metal, bun holders like these leave the boho feel behind.

Use one to put your hair up and everyone will do a double take on what’s holding that bun or French twist in place. If you’re good with hair, use just the pin to secure a tight chignon or tuck under a braid.


UO-minimal-bun-holderUrban Outfitters bun holder, $16,

@franceluxehair-headbands_scarfsPhoto: @franceluxehair

Fabric headbands are a nice lightweight alternative to stiff headbands. You can layer them up to mix prints or if you have a ton of hair like the Quann twins, you just might need it to pull your hair back off your face. Whether your hair is short or long, the options for a scarf headband all depend on how you  want to tie it. Tie it in the front with a ponytail for Rockabilly vibe or leave it hanging long and loose if you’re feeling Boho.

FranceLuxeHair-scarvesL. Erickson headbands,

HairRings-braidsPhoto: @jasbaudelaire

Hair rings, clickers and twist charms may not help you cool off but they can make any style of braids, twists or locks summer standouts. Add in a few well placed charms to frame your face or go crazy and bling out with as many rings as your hair can take. Think the rings won’t stay put in your hair type? Look for styles that have teeth on the inset for better grip or twist styles that wrap around the hair.


Regal-rose-beaded-hair-ringsRegal Rose hair ring set, $14,

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.55.27 PMPhoto: @laurahjertefryd

Go ahead break out a scrunchie, you know you want to! No judgement here. How you style it is up to you, but maybe stay away from side ponies unless you like being ironic. Think of it as a more interesting upgrade to the basic hair elastics which is also less harsh on the hair.


Claire's-scrunchiesClaire’s scrunchie set, $5,

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