6 Backpacks Worthy Of Every Fashion Girl

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sabiha Datoo-Lalji

Reminiscent of the school playground, backpacks have officially been given a grown-up update, and we are definitely adding these into our accessories wardrobe.

The backpack is not seen a uber masculine or infantile bag anymore, but more so a necessity for any fashion ‘it’ girl who needs a place for her phone and contour kit.

From leather to mix-media backpacks, there are an array of styles to choose from. If you’re a more laid-back-cool gal we have you covered, and for those of you who are minimalists at heart, we got you. This season you will not want to travel with anything less that something with two handles.

We have rounded up our favorite backpacks ahead, all available to buy now. (You’re soooo welcome)

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