7 Reality TV Stars Who Made A Wrong Turn into Fashion Design

As if designers weren’t already peeved with the rife amount of musicians and socialites who’ve dropped their mics or drinks to stick their hand into fashion designing. And then here comes the reality stars.  With their reality TV checks in one hand, and a bottle of wine in the other, the women of reality television have jumped into the fashion design game…DRUNK—just in case you couldn’t tell.  And they are drowning themselves, and us, in bad fashion!  Granted, some are worse than others.  But if the Lord doesn’t differentiate between degrees of sin, why should we?

With that said, check out seven reality women who have made a wrong turn into fashion design.

“Designer”: Shereé Whitfield formerly of Real Housewives of ATL

Line: She By Sheree

“She” must be crazy to think she was doing something with this line.


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  • Shlyfields

    jackie christie, jwoww, and sheree thee worst!!!! kim k line is ok and lisa’s shoe line is ok

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    “She” looks like 80’s rejects.

  • maggie

    sheree’s is horrid

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QRVUNZ2GVPVXBYAOHEKY2SRDLY Harvette Ellington

    Enjoy the ride ladies, make the money until you can’t make it anymore!

  • Ron Johnson

    The bottom line is that fashion, hair and makeup design are arts like “traditional” arts like painting, sketching, sculpture and musical composition.

    Just like the traditional arts, there are a metric train load of posers who have *no* talent and 1000 train loads of gullible consumers who lap up all the garbage.