Nostalgic 90's Beauty Products That Are Making A Comeback

Nostalgic 90’s Beauty Products That Are Making A Comeback

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We’ve been seeing signs of the 90’s revival everywhere lately, from 90’s fashion to our favorite boy bands making a comeback. The most recent sign of the times is the return of many of our favorite 90’s beauty products.

Think, all of the makeup bag essentials that you had in your youth, loads of glitter included!

But is the return of 90’s beauty goodies a good thing? After all, looking back on the era, we can all agree that it’s a good thing that we learned a thing or two about beauty since then. For example: Full body glitter should be left to sparkly vampire movies.


Beauty-News-with-Angela-CruzPhoto: Angela Cruz


Beauty expert and Today Show’s YouTube Social Star for beauty vlogging, Angela Cruz, says it’s still possible to incorporate some cult-favorites from the 90’s into our current beauty routines.

“Certain throwback products are classics” explains Cruz. “They’re still around because they actually work, and it’s a bonus that they’re so affordable.”

“I used Dep hair gel and Lip Smacker gloss way back when, and I would still use them both today— just in different ways.”
Scroll through to see the products that are back again and how you can you use them in a totally 2016 approved way!

491d6854-e211-40af-a6b3-bef5e99cc428_1.b53b1521051ed1f540c67c9e2ee785e4Roll-It Lip Smacker Strawberry Lip Gloss

“I used to smear Lip Smackers all over my lips,” Cruz says. “Now, the full-on glossy look is not as popular as the all-matte liquid lipstick look— but you can still fake a fuller pout by dabbing the gloss just in the center of your lower lip. It smells delicious, too!”


Dep Sport Endurance Gel, Marathon Hold, Level 11

“In the 90’s, I would have gone for a wet-head look, slathering the gel all over my head to go for slicked-back ponytail style,” Cruz says. “Now, I would recommend you use the product more sparingly by applying a nickel-sized amount on your hair before blow drying. Then use a round metal brush to evenly distribute the gel and prevent that crunchy look. You’ll get all-day hold, because it’s a powerful product.”


COVERGIRL Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow

“We’ve come a long way since the sponge-tip eyeshadow applicators from the 90’s,” says beauty vlogger Angela Cruz. “Now we have easy access to amazing, affordable brushes which do the work for you — and we know better application techniques.”
“Instead of using the sponges that come with drugstore products, you can get a brush with stiff, domed bristles and swipe it in a back-and-forth, windshield wiper motion on your eye crease,” Cruz continues. “This gives you the blended-out look that is more natural, rather than the harsh lines that were tell-tale signs of 1990 makeup.”


Bed Head 1/2″ Purple Haze Mini Ceramic Crimper

Do you remember spending hours crimping your head into a frazzled poof in the 90’s? We still do! The trend is making it’s way back around again, but this time we’ve learned to control our crimping addiction. Rather than crimping all of your hair, use it as a method to add volume to fine hair. Section off the top layer of your hair and crimp the middle section in the root area. This is perfect to give any look a mega dose of volume.

pBBW1-20950418v275Bath & Body Works Juniper Breeze Fine Fragrance Mist 

In middle school, every girl had a bottle of body spray stashed in her locker. But you couldn’t have just any fragrance mist, it had to be from Bath & Body works, cool points if it was Juniper Breeze. This particular scent went on a hiatus after the 90’s, but we’re so glad to see it come back again!

300Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter Single, Brass

Let’s keep it real, If we could have bathed in glitter in the 90’s, we would have, but instead we covered our faces in it. Back then, glitter typically came in the loose form and we had to get real creative on figuring out how to apply it precisely. Wet n Wild one-upped their glitter game and now it comes in a gel format, which is so much easier to work with.

Pro Tip: For an opaque finish, apply this glitter over a metallic eyeshadow.

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