Fashion's Favorite Makeup Artist Just Launched Your Next Lip Kit

Fashion’s Favorite Makeup Artist Just Launched Your Next Lip Kit

Lust 004

Photo: Pat McGrath

She’s collaborated with the style industry’s biggest designers, given Barbie a Paris Fashion Week makeover and has even been appointed Wall Street Journal’s ‘Fashion Innovator’ of the year. If you haven’t gotten the hint already, we’re talking about Pat McGrath – and now the makeup genius has a new exclusive product up her sleeve.

Adding to the coveted list of bright and shiny cosmetics, McGrath is taking beauty to a new level when it comes to creating that bold lippy. Debuting her most extensive collection, Lust 004, the makeup artist is bringing out the model in us all – that is, through three unique lip kits.

Featuring fresh colorways called Flesh, Vermilion Venom and Bloodwine (which is the set used at Versace’s recent June couture show, FYI), each kit includes: two matte lipsticks, a metallic gold powder, coordinating glitter finishes and a glossy clear lip gloss.

Lust 004-2

Photo: Pat McGrath

Set to launch August 30th, the kits will be available on and, retailing at $60 each (can you say affordable?!). And to make matters even better, it’s accompanied with a signature sequin-filled pink packaging.

Head over to to get a complete glimpse of the glittery goodness – trust us, you’ll be adding it to your beauty roster STAT!

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