Sephora Just Proved That Makeup Shopping Is Easier Than Finding A Man

Sephora Just Proved That Makeup Shopping Is Easier Than Finding A Man

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Sephora and Tinder are making the most unexpected partnership.

The global beauty brand recently launched two phone applications to make shopping a helluva lot easier.

First is The Beauty Uncomplicator, which uses a simplistic and fun fill-in-the-blank model to help clients to find exactly the product they need. Users determine a beauty category, such as lip, eye, or tools, and are able to select the type of product and specific benefits they’re looking to achieve by completing a statement that begins with “I Want”.

Second is the Swipe It. Shop It. that offers the same interface as modern dating apps, letting users swipe left or swipe right on a variety of beauty images to find products and tips based on their favorite looks. Swiping right brings up application tips, quick video tutorials, and a list of the products, which can then be purchased through the app or saved for future reference and inspiration.


Photo: AdWeek
Photo: AdWeek


So where does Tinder fit in?

Come September, Sephora will be the first beauty brand to utilize Tinder’s dynamic new polling feature in a creative campaign. Users will be able to seamlessly swipe right on beauty statements within the app to discover their perfect product match.

Essentially, finding the perfect lipstick will be a lot less anxiety filled than finding the perfect date.

“We’re trying to create these really fun, addictive shopping experiences,” Deborah Yeh, Sephora’s SVP of Marketing told AdWeek. “We offer a huge range of products in every category, but we also have the full, 360-[degree] retail and digital experience in addition to that product.”

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