A Stencil For Perfect Eyebrows Exists! And We're Addicted

A Stencil For Perfect Eyebrows Exists! And We’re Addicted

Being eyebrow-challenged is nothing to be ashamed of; shaping get the best of us too.

For those of you who need guidance to get the perfect shape, there’s only one product you need. The Always Perfect Brows Shaping Kit by Sorme (available here at LoxaBeauty) is a easy-to-use brow shaping kit to make sparse, faint, or over-tweezed brows look professionally contoured.

In the kit there are three tools: Brow shaping stencils, one powder brow color, and angled brow coloring brush.

Watch us test out the Always Perfect Brows Shaping Kit by Sorme in the quick video above!

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